Upcoming Events In The Month Of October In London

London, the amazing city, gives out so many reasons to fall in love with this place. This capital of England is the most desired location for the tourists. So, if you are thinking what is so special about this city, then know that, this is London! That’s right! The native of this city tag the essence of this place this way. As it is said that London is one of the favorite destination among a large crowd of people coming from all parts of the world, even during the autumn, when the weather will not be that much decent, you will find numerous reasons to visit this city.

It is true that the weather at this time of the year will be a bit unpredictable in nature, but who really cares. Even at this time of the year, London will be happening as it is before and the nature will just beautifully paint the entire city. Have a look of the city in a different way. Well, enjoy the sightseeing sites or catch out the events that are going to rock this city. In either way, you are just going to love the aura that it will emit. The beauty of the city along with the combination of these events will ensure a lovely time hat will be ever cherished.

So, when you have set u your mind to make a tour, the nest thing to think about here is to find the right form of accommodation. It is of no doubt that London has a number of hotels scattered all around the city. But when you are up for visiting different places, it is always a good option to book your hotel somewhere in the midst of the city. And there you have the Montcalm Hotel London, with its grandness and style, making your stay the most comfortable one.

The room of this hotel is very beautifully decorated and the blend of the authentic exterior of the building and the classy and contemporary interior makes it a very charming thing. Even the staffs are very polite and there will be any shortage of warmth and hospitality that you will not experience. Also, the guests are treated with many complimentary offerings making a grand start to the trip. This hotel also houses a restaurant and a bar. So, anytime you want to have a delicious meal or want to grab a glass of exotic drinks, you are most welcome.

Another hotel, which will provide you with more of less the same features, is the Park lane Hotel. Along with the multiple choices of the hotel rooms, the guests are greeted very warmly. Also, the hotel is situated very close to tube stations and thus wherever you want to go; you can just make it very easily. Time and again, these two hotels have been rated by the visitors and hence you can very conveniently book your accommodation there. But make sure, London is always thronged by tourists and hence it is recommended to book your rooms in advance to avoid the rush.

Events In October
So, here is a list of events that you are going to see in October. Be there, eat and just live the moment because this is not going to come back to you.

London Literature Festival: So, if you love a bit of poetry, art and literature, then making a visit to this event will be worthy enough. Like the other years, this year also this event will be held and the Southbank is just going to get dazzled by a number of poets, authors and other artists. This year, this event will step into its 11th year and is going to be as happening as it has been before. Well, make sure to make a visit in between 13th October to 1st November 2017

Halloween in London: Halloween is a very favorite occasion among all the category of people and every person seem to love this equally. This is not just famous in London but in other cities of the world too. So, what about enjoying Halloween in London? Since, it is London, so the entire thing will be very special indeed. So, plan it now because you can catch it out on 31st October this year make your plans now. Enjoy the Halloween sprit, prepare your dresses or even you can go to any costume shop here in London. Dress in your favorite attire and get ready to enjoy.

Poetry International: Any fans of poetry out here? Get prepared and book your tickets as soon as possible. Because like other years, this year also, the Southbank is going to get vibrant by this event. Well, note that this is the 50th year of celebration and hence this is just going to be extra special. This festival was started back then in the year 1967 and continued to rock the platform of poetry. Well, be a part of it and listen to some of the amazing talents that will be reciting there and making your evening a beautiful one. It will just happen for three days, between 13th to 15th October, so make sure you have done all the arrangements to be a part of it

Dali/ Duchamp: Well, this is something different entirely to see. Want to see some offbeat artistic events, and then make sure you attend the event there. Don’t miss this RA show from the collaborators of Disney. Especially, if you are visiting London with your kids, then this is a must watch show. This is going to be entirely very different from all the other things that you are going to see. So, note the date, which is 7th October to 3rd January at the Royal Academy of Arts

Yann Tiersen: So, the last in this list is a musical night comprised of some amazing piano sounds. Watch him play the beautiful pieces that are amazingly awesome to hear live. If you give it a miss, you will be at loss. Want so?

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