The Seventeen Most Attractive Tourist Destinations in London

London is full of tourist attractions and it is time to know about them in details.

  1. Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard – The Palace was built in the year 1837 and it has served as the London residence for the royal family for ages. This has happened from the time of the Royal Family since Queen Victoria’s accession. In fact, the tour also includes the changing of the guard ceremony along with the afternon tea.
  2. The British Museum – This is the museum where you can find the finest display of the unique antiques and there are more than 13 million artifacts belonging to the ancient world. Here you can discern the treasured items from places like Babylonia, Assyria, Europre, China and the rest.
  3. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge – Here you have everything, the prison and the palace and there is even the treasure vault and you can even visit the private zoo to make the most of the tour. This is considered to be the most iconic structure in Britain and you have innumerable visitors coming to the place each year.
  4. Big Ben and Parliament – This is the ninety seven meter Tower and this houses the giant clock and there is even the resounding bell called Big Ben. It is believed that the tolling of the Big Ben is considered throughout the world as the time signal of the BBC radio.
  5. Westminster Abbey – This is the location to have connection with the British Royalty. It has relation with Christianity since 7th Century. The official name of the place is Collegiate Church of St Peter in Westminster. The site was discovered by Edward the Confessor in 1065.
  6. Hyde Park – This is the most famous destination and it covers more than 350 acres of land. This is considered to be the largest open space and it is the best destination for the sightseers from the year 1635. The highlight of the Park is the Serpentine. This is the man made lake popular for both swimming and boating.
  7. Churchill’s War Room – Among the several evocative and historical sites of London this is the perfectly preserved nerve centre and from the place the Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave direction to the British military campaigns and proper protection was given to his homeland at the time of the World War II.
  8. The London Eye – The London Eye has been built to celebrate the millinuim in the year 2000. This is considered to be the largest observatory wheel in the whole of Europe. The wheel is made of the separate glass capsules and from the place you can have spectacular views of the stunning city of London.
  9. Hampton Court Palace – This is one more attraction along the side of the Thames River. Hampton Court is considered the most famous palace in Europe. The Great Hall of the Palace dates from the time of Henry VIII and this is the place where Elizabeth I was made to learn the art of defeating the Spanish Armada.
  10. The Victoria and the Albert Museum – In case you are having a stay at the M by Montcalm London Tech City Hotel you can visit the V&A Museum at the best. The museum is based in the South Kensington area and as part of the group you have the Natural History Museum and the and the Science Museum.
  11. The Piccadilly Circus and the Trafalgar Square – This  is the most well known tourist spot in London. From the place you can make an easy way to Soho. Here you can sit and watch the London lively theater and even the district for entertainment. The Trafalgar Square was designed in order to comemorate the victory of Lord Horatio Nelson over the French and even the Spanish at the destination of Trafalgar in the year 1805.
  12. St. Paul’s Cathedral – This is the most famous and the largest church in the city of London and the view of the cathedral is just spectacular. This is considered the best among the Roman Temples. However, the previous site of the church was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666.
  13. Covent Garden – It is pleasure to visit the market halls of the Covent Garden and this is just the starting point in the neighbourhood. The place is filled with the shops and the restaurants and you can even watch for the Long Acre and there are more adjacent streets like Neal’s Yard and Seven Dials, and even the Central Square.
  14. Tate Britain and Tate Modern – Collectively both of them are known as Tate Galleries. Here you find the most treasured art collections. The place was opened in the year 1897 and this is considered to be the basis of the national collection of the perfect British art and the space of the galleries were extended to give way to more collections and displays.
  15. Greenwich and Docklands – This is considered to be the hub of the British Naval Power. For the tourists Greenwich is known as the Cutty Shark. This is one of the 19th Century Tea Clippers that is known to sail between the regions of China and Britain. The ship is close to the place called Discover Greenwich Visitor Center.
  16. Kew Gardens – From the list of The Montcalm Hotels it is easy for you to visit the destination of the Kew Gardens. The official name of the place is the Royal Botanic Gardens. The place is located in the south west part of the London city and stands perfectly on the southern bank of River Thames. This is the place where you can spend some precious time and you can even enjoy numerous plant growth on the 300 acres land.
  17. National Gallery – In London one cannot go without visiting the National Gallery. This is one of the top art museums and here you find the treasured collection of the European paintings from the year 1260 to 1980. The attarction of the museum lies in the collection of the Dutch Masters and the Italian Schools belonging to the 15th and the 16th centuries.
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