Heritage sites and museums in and around the London city

a)       The Freud Museum London

This museum is a dedication to the great Sigmund Freud who had been living with his family during the last years of his life although the house was in the possession of her daughter Anna Freud who lived in there till the late nineteenth century it was she who wanted this house to be converted into a museum in the memory of her late father the great psychologist. Out of the rare books and the theories he had published you will see the house being used as a place to meet and treat his patients and the famous couch which had been used by him to question his patients takes the centre stage much to the astonishment of the people who come to visit here. This is the only museum in London but there are other two museums in the other parts of the world the place gives a lot of information about the person. In case you plan to visit this place it is open during the first week of July till the month of September and from twelve in the noon till evening five , in order to get entry into this house there is a nominal charge for the adults and a lesser charge for the senior citizen , in case you are a student you can get concession by flashing your ID card.

b)       The Jewish Museum London

This museum gives in the glimpse of the life lead by the Jews its basically about the historical view,, about the culture and the identity of Jews and how they have tried their best to keep it preserved. This museum is situated in the Camden area of the London city in the north side of the London. The place is open to all the people from all walks of life and there are special programmes and workshops for teams or school kids in fact the place also do some community work for the Jews and their families. At frequent intervals you can visit this place for any event, or exhibition or the activities designed by the organisers of the museum. In order to reach this place you need to come to the Camden Town underground station and once you are out of the station it is just a three minute walk away for you to reach the museum.

c)        Burgh House and Hampstead Museum

The Burgh house is actually another chapter of history which is somewhat three hundred years old, the place had been the private residence to Queen Anna, since she has been dwelling in this house for quite a long time this had now been open to the public for viewing. This place had been constructed during the mid-seventeenth century times and during that time the Hampstead wells spa was actually taking in a lot of people which is quite a hit with the general public in today’s times. The Hampstead museum is open to the public and there is a beautiful café known as the Buttery café which is an informal cafeteria serving some good traditional dishes to the guests. The tradition of Afternoon teas, weekend brunches and lavish Sunday brunches are a hit here so in case you feel you want to explore a little do visit the place. In order to reach the place my friends who were staying at the Montcalm Hotel London City took the Hampstead over ground station and that takes you straight to this museum a ten minutes’ walk to be very precise.

d)       Camden Arts Centre

Camden is one of those centres where the contemporary art and other different art forms are at display it is a centre where the artists thrive and the ideas that is being depicted here is quite different from rest of the other known centres. This is just not the museum but it also has an art gallery where the exhibitions are held and people showcase their talent apart from that the place has a cafeteria and bookshop. During one of the art exhibitions which was held at Luxury Hotels In London there were many artefacts presented from the Camden art centre. The place is open for general public on all the days except for Mondays from ten in the morning till six in the evening.

e)       Keats house

John Keats was a beautiful poet and the place his home which has been turned into a museum is also a literary centre, here you can see the various phases of the poets life and the exhibition which is there showcases some of the original work of this great poet.

f)        Pollock’s Toy Museum

This is a toy house in reality as you have come of this age ,this quirky museum is best described as a old Gregorian house which houses all sorts of playthings which you may have heard about or may not. The museum is a collection of toys, board games , money boxes and toy theatres needless to say you have a wide variety of toys. What is the most astonishing part is the collection of toys which is there in he museum and they are as old as four thousand years from now.

g)       2 Willow Road

This is actually three houses in the Hampstead area and has been designed during the mid of nineteenth century it is known to very few that the 2nd Willow road is a collection of art by various artists which is a representation of modern art.

h)       Fenton House

 This is a beautiful place which belongs t the National trust it is a walled space having beautiful kitchen garden  , beautiful rose garden and orchards as you go exploring the interiors of the house you can see beautiful interiors done exquisitely. This beautiful house has been built during the seventeenth century times.

i)         Charles Dickens Museum

As each and every one is aware of the great writer who has given some beautiful stories to the world this museum is dedicated to him it is open during Tuesday till Sunday from ten in the morning till five in the evening. A number of workshops, reading groups and walks are being organised by the sponsors to keep the people hooked to this literary society.

j)        Petrie museum

The place houses Egyptian archaeology and is a site to watch as how the eighty thousand objects have been preserved till this day which speaks volumes about the history.

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