Good Places to eat and Visit in and Around Thames

London is always the centre of attraction and activity. In fact, most of the things go on in the northern corner of the Thames River. Here you find the group of the South London boats and there are more of the hidden gems to make you feel so interested. Once you are able to discover the gems you feel on top of the world. There are more things to watch in London and the list includes the Borough Market, the Tate Modern, the Southbank Centre and these form the ;list of attractions within the city. If you dig in depth you will come to know about the dedicated food produces in London and they are spotted at the Maltby Street Market and there is even the Spa terminus at Bermondsey.

It is best to avail for the 5 Star Hotels London. In the way, you can stay in absolute luxury and there are more things you would prefer to explore from the comfort of the hotel. If you go a bit further you can at best discover the off beaten paths and here you find the great foodie destinations in areas of Clapham and Tooting. You can even discover the perfect country gateway at the Petersham Nurseries and there is even the apt cultural meeting point at the Brixton shops and bars.

It is time to know about the Bermondsey Antique Market in London. This is the market to sell some of the best antique stuffs and you would love to go through the collections being presented at the place. At the place it is interesting to watch the pieces of great antique value. It is true pleasure discovering the best of the bests and these are worthy pieces for you to take back home. You jut have to know how to bargain at the place to be able to buy the item without making a loss.

It is interesting and enjoyable to participate in the London Duck Tours. Kids love the real fun of touring and they go about in duck themes tour buses and they even make use of slash boats as mode of transportation. This is the unique and the most wonderful way to go about in the city. The tour will offer with all the great views of the city of London and you can watch the sights from the destination of the river. However, the expedition is great fun for the entire family.

It would not be wise to miss the chance of visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The original theatre has been reconstructed for the convenience of the visitors. The theatre is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures at the Bankside and the edifice is showcased with a perfect character. The pure form of the theatre still exists and this proves the authenticity of the place. The theatre is known for conducting shows and tours and there is the specific building where exhibitions are being held. You would love the ambiance of the place so historic and fantastic.

Tate Modern is once again a special attraction in the city of London. Here you find the contemporary and the modern art forms and the collection starts from the year 1900 and continues till the present day. The building was previously a power station and it was located on the Bankside of River Thames. You would love to go through the stupendous Tate collection. All things at the place are elite and wonderful. You can visit Tate Modern for free and you can keep in touch with the details of the exhibitions being held at the place one after another.

It is great to experience the Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens. This is also known as Kew Botanical Garden where you would feel fascinated to see the lovely collection of the trees. The path will first lead you to the underground and then you can reach to the Rhizotron. Here, from an installation you come to learn various things about the roots. Then you can move up 59 feet and here you get the chance to walk through the congregation of trees and the list includes lime, oak, sweet chestnut and the rest. This is the time you can spend with the bees and the birds.

It is a happy decision to be at The Montcalm London Marble Arch Hotel. From the place you can easily visit the White Cube Gallery. This is the gallery to present with the contemporary London art scene. At White Cube you are offered with the taste so best and big and here you get to know more about the exhibitions and the artists. The place is rightly owned by Jay Jopling and this is the best ground where the young British artists can best showcase their talent. The artists conduct solo shoes at the place and this is just the right way they can gain fame and name in time.

Eating the best is always a preferred activity in London. For the reason you can easily visit the outlet of Brindisa Chorizo Grill. This is the fabulous Spanish restaurant for you. In case you are a dedicated meat eater then you cannot deny a presence at the place. The restaurant is known for serving with the standard quality meat. Here you find the best sandwich in the entire Borough Market. Once you move to the corner you find the outlet of Brindisa. Here, you can enjoy the casual barbeque and it would be great to enjoy the simple and the winning combination of chorizo and fresh bread.

If you are looking for a great place to eat in London you can timely book for a seat at Chez Bruce. The restaurant is a bit out of the town. But as the standard of the place is so high that people would want to spend anything to go and eat at the place. The dining arrangement is sophisticated and you are served with the contemporary British food and the place is much influenced by the Mediterranean and the French cuisines.

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