Engage In Some Activities In London This Summer

While in most of the cities of the world, summer can be a very tormenting time of the year, it is not that much when you are in London. London during the summers can be fun. And to give you that token of solace, London has a number of parks, where you can make a visit and relax in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. But, of course, there is one such thing that can be a very frustrating affair when in London. It is the unpredictable rain that can happen at any time of the year. So, no matter when you are in London, you are expected to see glimpses of the rain.

Anyway, coming back to the summer months, when the weather remains quite favorable to spend some time outdoors, you can thus engage in a lot of activities. While sightseeing or exploring the streets of London may be the most common thing that is in your bucket list during your trip to London, there are several other things like biking, visiting the galleries etc can also be done. But, considering that London is a big city and quite expensive, a lot of people thus take a step backward thinking about the expenses. But hold on! While London is a city of the rich, for the average middle class people, London can also e an exciting destination. Mind you that London houses so many things to see and do without spending a dime. Isn’t it interesting enough? So, in order to avail that you need to first have knowledge about such things and since you are reading this, you are just at the right place.

Before heading to the different things that you can see in London, first of all let us highlight on the most important part that you as a visitor will definitely have to look forward to when in a new land. It is getting a perfect place for accommodation, where you can relax; have some pleasure filled moments and at the same time fitting in your budget. Now, when it comes to the hotels of London, there are plenty of them and you will be definitely spoilt with options. While the big budget ones will provide you with all the forms of luxury, at the same time, the smaller ones are also that shouldn’t be ignored. Of course, when it is about a comparison, the big budget hotels are the best bet.

Now, if you are going for the 5 star hotels London, there are no doubt that you will have a wide array of options. However, it is always recommended to book your hotels in advance no matter what type of hotel you are choosing. Well, here is a suggestion for you. The Montcalm Hotel London is one of the best options to choose from. Time and again it has been rated by several tourists as one of the best hotels in terms of hospitality and service. Even you get plenty of choices for rooms along with many complimentary offerings and features. So, if you can afford the luxury of staying in a 5 star hotel, this can be the most affordable option for you. Along with the features, the hotel provides you with all the facilities that will make you feel like home. Right from the fitness centre to slippers, TV, Wi-Fi and many such things, this hotel has all the latest contemporary things to delight its visitors. On top of that, the bar with its exotic collection of drinks also makes it a great choice to spend your evening in a relaxed manner.

Free Things To Do In London

Out of so many different activities that you can engage into, some of them are highlighted below. Know about them and rock this summer in London

  • Free Bougie Fitness: Have you heard of the London Bridge City Summer Festival? If not, then it is the time to polish your knowledge a bit about it. This event organizes a series of activities where you can participate and make your moments exciting enough. From running to participation in other form of activities such as dancing, bougie gym etc, this is one such occasion where you get the chance to live freely opening your arms to several form of fitness activities
  • Free Adrenaline: If you are really very passionate about cycling, then this is just the perfect event for you. Also, popularly known as the Formula one of the cycling world, there you can witness cyclists from various parts of the world. And, even when you are tired of cycling, you can just spend some time while trying to grab some food from one of the many stalls that are lined up near the venue. All in all, it is going to be a fun moment while trying to race and winning and the sheer joy of some of the delicious foods
  • Free Bollywood Moves: Well, while Bollywood may not be that much famous as that of Hollywood, but at least there are certain things for which Bollywood is quite famous. And, one such thing in the list is the Bollywood dance moves. Catch out some Indian dance moves which are performed by artists belonging to some of the other countries. Such dance moves are also a part of the charity and while you are there, you can not only enjoy the dance steps but also know the evolution of Bollywood dance forms from classical to the modern contemporary versions of today
  • Free Odyssey: Well make a visit to the Scoop, the famous amphitheatre that is located on the Southern side of the River Thames and catch out some of the amazing shows that are being showed there. And mind you that you can visit there for free of cost. The show is of three hours and you can see the display of horses, kings and various war elements that will make the show a gorgeous affair
  • Free Dragons: Are you a fan of boating? Then this is the perfect place for you to have a look at it. Every single thing just dazzles with the participation of various individuals that are rowing the boats on the Paddington Basin. Well, don’t forget to catch out the duck race, which is also a special thing of this place.
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