8 London Museums For You To Visit

London is the land of unusual stuff and unpredictable activities for people to enjoy. Every single part of the city is filled with certain grace and elegance that it casts a spell in the hearts of those who witness it. It’s no wonder that people consider London as one of the most desirable locations for a vacation or trip.

If you are someone who is travelling to London for the first time, then you will certainly have your hands full with amazing locations to visit and exciting activities to do.

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Some Museums That You Can Visit


There is no doubt about the fact that the museums of London are certainly some of the best in the world. The artefacts and exhibits that are shown in these museums really take you back in time. So without delaying any further we give you some of the best museums in London that you probably don’t know about.

  • V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green: Certainly one of the best museums in London City, this place can be seriously considered for visiting if you are in the mood for a little fun with your kids. They will be pleased too, we guarantee. The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood which is situated just beside the Bethnal Green Tube station, is a prominent place for families to come and see the amazing collection of beautiful toys and crafts. Walk in here with your family and you will be delighted with the sight of the toys from your childhood too, such a Barbie dolls, Action Men and Transformers. Sound fun right?
V&A Museum
  • Bank of England Museum, The City: Situated just near the Bank of England, this museum is a must visit sight for tourist and travellers if they are interested in knowing about the history of the Bank. You could easily get a tube ride as the bank is situated right near one of the prominent tube stations. Coming here wouldn’t be a problem at all. Once in, you will be greeted with the specimens of ancient coins and notes and you will gain a knowledge about the bank.
Bank of England Museum
  • Geffrye Museum: Shoreditch: Another one of those amazing destinations where you will get the most interesting artefacts is the Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch. One of the best places to be if you are interested in the history of London, this place is just a Tube ride away as it is situated in the Hoxton Overground station. There are different rooms which provide you with different insights on the periods of London history. Visit the place during Christmas and you will see the decorations. Also, the admission is free so that nice.
Geffrye Museum
  • Horniman Museum, Forest Hill: Another fascinating example of a museum, the Horniman Museum is a must see sight for different people. Probably one of the best museums in London, this one offers a great deal of information to its visitors. Hop in the Tube and ride to the Forest Hill station where this museum is located. The artefacts that are shown here range from animals to different varieties of musical instruments and different trophies of Asia and Africa. Almost makes you wonder how they got this stuff.
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum, Holborn: Located just near the Holborn Tube Station, this amazing museum is another piece of a wonderful painting. Made by the respected architect of 19th century John Soane, this place is basically his collection of materials that he possessed. It is his determination of tuning the house into a wonderful museum that made this museum possible. The delightful collection of furniture, paintings and portraits are a welcoming treat for the visitors.
  • Dennis Severs’ House, Spitalfields: This is another one of those amazing museums which is located near the Liverpool Tube Station. Hop on the Tube and come visit this beautiful place which looks like any other normal London houses but it surely takes you back in time once you step in through he doors. The artificial smells that are created make the visitor feel like they are in the 19th century houses. Also, sounds are installed to intensify the effect.
  • The Old Operating Theatre, Southwark: Hop in the Tube and come visit this place which is situated right near the Tube station close to London Bridge. One of the oldest and the most amazing operating theatre in London, this place is located just above the St. Thomas Church. Although the museum is open all week, it is advised that you visit on a Saturday afternoon to witness the demonstrations of the different surgeries that happened here in the past. It is an amazing place for medical students and curious tourists.
  • Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising: Located near Ladbrooke Grove Tube station, this place, true to its name gives the visitors a fun interpretation of the industrialisation in London. Come here and you will be greeted with the sights of washing powder packets, board games and chocolate wrappers.

London city museums are definitely the best. There is so much to explore in these parts of the city. There are also different cafeterias and food joints near these museums so you don’t feel bored in your visit. Visit each and every museum to know more about the history of the magnificent city.

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