Top Things To Know About The Houses Of Parliament

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Some Facts About The Houses Of Parliament

Going for a visit to the Westminster Abbey? Well, surely you didn’t forget about the Houses of Parliament just located close by did you? Known as one of London’s popular landmarks the Houses of Parliament is certainly one of the best places for a visit if you wish to know about the royal consulting history. Here are some important facts that you might find useful in your visit.

  • The Colour Coding: Not many people know the fact but actually the building of the Houses of Parliament is colour coded. With each colour representing different houses such as, Red  used for the Lords, Gold for Monarchs, Green Colour for Commoners which is the lowest of all the grades. This is an important indication of all the elements in the Parliament.
  • No Outline For UK’s Written Constitution: Well, it might be an interesting fact to some that there isn’t any legal document that outlines the written constitution for UK. The format by which the Houses of Parliament are subjected to change because of that. Although the authority that parliament has over courts is certainly something.
  • The Mistakes In The Portraits: A desire of the Royal family was to educate everyone who visited the Parliament with the history of the country. This is the reason that the rooms and the walls are decorated with historical scenes and events. However, there are certain mistakes in the paintings which cannot be captured easily, but are present.
  • The Role Of A Speaker: A speaker’s role in the Commons is a very essential role. They, along with the 3 deputies are useful in maintaining order between the MPs. As there are many debates that happen within the parliament, it is the speaker that gets to decide who gets to speaks and who does not.
  • The Lord Speaker: One of the most prominent figure in the house of the Lords if certainly the Lord Speaker. However, the members of this particular House generally decide upon themselves that who gets to speak next. So the role of Lord Speaker is not necessarily as important as the speaker in Commons.
  • The Rebuilding Of Chambers Of House Common: There was a certain bombing in 1941 which resulted in the destruction of the House Commons’ Chambers. However, the chambers were rebuilt pretty soon by Giles Gilbert Scoot. It is pretty interesting to note that all the British Commonwealth countries extended their contribution to the rebuilding of the chambers and its interiors.
  • ‘Aye’ or ‘No’: Many might not know about the voting procedures in the Houses of parliament. Generally known as ‘division’ this procedure features the division of the house in two parts as members choose the ‘aye’ or ‘no’ lobby to vote in the Commons and ‘Content’ or ‘Not Content’ in the Lords. Interesting right?
  • Monarch Of The Parliament: The Monarch visits once in a year to the Houses at State Opening of Parliament. The Monarch is allowed access till the Throne in House of Lords. Any further and it would be considered as an attempt of interfering in the private works of the Commons.
  • The Debates: Entrance is granted to everyone for watching the Parliament debates in a ‘first come, first served’ manner. Although peace and quiet should be maintained.
  • Big Ben: You cannot actually witness the Big Ben from the Houses of Parliament. The biggest hour bell in London is tied inside the clock tower of the Parliament. It is certainly an interesting matter for several people.

The Houses of Parliament have several interesting facts associated with them. Make sure you go through every one of that and don’t forget to have a good time.

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