Top Attractions Near Bayswater Tube Station

Bayswater is a cosmopolitan area which can be found in the City of Westminster. It is well connected with the different parts of the city through the many transport facilities such as the tube stations and the metros. It is diverse in population of both the natives as well as by people of other nationalities. What’s special about Bayswater is that it is close to several major attractions of the city.

So if you are a newbie to the city of London give some of the attractions near Bayswater a visit. You can book your hotel accommodations in the city of London at the Bayswater accommodation. They are one of the best hotels in Bayswater.

Read on to know more about the top attractions which are located quite near to the Bayswater tube station.

The late Princess Diana’s memorial playground:

This spot is perfect if you have brought your kids along for a vacation in the city of London. This playground is a child’s magical wonderland. It is the perfect spot for some real family fun and bonding with loved ones. The special attraction for the family at this playground is the pirate’s ship which can be found moored on the white sands of the playground. If your kid is of age 12, then he/she can clamber to the very top of the pirate’s ship. They can discover the crow’s nest and give a hand at turning the giant’s wheel of the Pirate’s ship. They can roam about on the ship and explore the cabins of the pirates and pull on the ropes and pulleys found on the ship. You and your family can also blend into the Tepee camp. Explore the trio of Wigwams and explore the tree house encampment. All it takes is a 3 minute walk from the Bayswater tube station.

Art work space:

The art work space, as the name itself suggests, is an art gallery. It is the hub for the talents of the local artists in the city to portray their talents for the world to see and admire. These artists indulge in different kinds of arts like painting, photography, drawing, and print. View the wonders of art with your naked eyes and be thrilled with the talents they possess. Be inspired by one of the most inspiring tourist attractions in the city of London. The gallery provides tourists and visitors with the right ambience, dynamic lighting facilities for better viewing of the artistic works and the air conditioning as well. It takes about a 5 minute walk to reach here from the Bayswater tube station.

Kensington Palace:

It just takes 9 minutes for you to walk up from the Bayswater tube station. It was previously a private country house, but now it is open to the public in London city. Tourists and visitors can get to see for themselves the birth place of Queen Victoria. It was also the home to the late Princess Diana. Capture the moments of every scene of their lives at the Palace. And admire the grandeur and the homely furnishings of the Kensington palace. Watch in wonderment all the majesty and beauty of the King’s apartments, and the paintings and works of art that adorn the walls of the Kensington palace. Visit the Cupola room. This is the room in which Princess Victoria was christened.

Kensington Palace

St. Mary Abbotts church:

This church is steeped in history and tradition and it has stood the tests of time over the years. All it takes to reach this church is a 13 minute walk from the Bayswater tube station. You will find this church located on Kensington high street. This church is well renowned as it was built by the famous architect Sir George Gilbert Scott. In the year 1872. It has the capacity to seat about 70 people within the church halls. The famous architect Sir George Gilbert Scott is the man who also designed the Foreign office, Glasgow University and the Albert Memorial in the city of London, along with several other notable buildings around the country.

Jason’s canal boat trip:

This is one of the major attractions near the area of the Bayswater tube station. It takes just 13 minutes to walk here from the Bayswater tube station. Here you will find tourists and visitors going on a pleasure ride on boats across Regent’ canal. The ride begins at Little Venice and you can ride up to North West London. The entire journey takes about 45 minutes. The canal boat on which you are ferried across Regent’s canal is actually 100 years old and it is named as ‘Jason’. Thus the name of the attraction spot. Enjoy the most amazing views as you float by on the waters of the canal and watch the beautiful town houses and the heritage buildings floating you by. The other views from the boat includes views of the community at Little Venice and the Camden Market. It moors at the Little Venice.

Serpentine Gallery:

You will find the Serpentine Gallery located in the middle of the Kensington gardens and the Hyde Park. The Serpentine gallery was established in the year 1970. All that is required to reach here is a 15 minute walk from the Bayswater Underground station. This attraction is a hub for all the contemporary artists from all over the city of London. They also attract artists from all over the world as well. Tourists and visitors from all over the world as well as common Londoners also visit this attraction to catch up on all the amazing talents of these artists. They conduct exhibitions throughout the year to attract visitors and showcase artistic talents of these artists. The Serpentine Gallery is a hub for highlights of the best art work in the city of London.

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