Tips To Increase Revenue Through The Booking Engine

Making online bookings has become relatively simple and easy to do in comparison to how lengthy and complicated things were in the past. Since this is the case it should not only be easy for guests to book, but your hotel booking engine should be able to compete with OTAs to drive direct bookings. While you may an attractive booking engine if the process is lacking in certain aspects it could deter them from making direct bookings.

Some of the must-haves for online booking engine for hotels are as follows:

Have a theme:

Both your website and booking engine must have corresponding themes to make the process more seamless. At all times the guest should feel that they are at your website and this only feasible when the website and the booking engine have the same themes. This would create a sense of comfort with the guest. Availability must be clearly displayed at all areas as well as booking options.

Have a progress bar:

While this may seem rather trivial the fact is that many a times when guests make an online reservation they are unsure about the number of steps involved in the process. This can be major turn off for those in a hurry, as at every stage they would like to know how close they are to completing the process. Even if you have a three or four step process it is always a good idea to have a progress bar installed above the page that shows the guest at what step they are at.

The display:

One of the biggest drawbacks for users when they enter a date to stay is the first pop-up of the units are unavailable for the given date. This definitely will not be of any help to them and neither helps to get a booking. The best way to work around this issue is to first show the available dates on top with the dates of unavailability at the bottom. In this case, if a guest would like to stay in a preferred room it will be easy for them to locate even at a lower date. This might make them consider reorganising their travel dates.

Use high quality images:

The importance of images cannot be overstated when designing a website or booking engine to showcase your hotel. When you include clear images it helps guests to know what they can expect when they stay in your hotel. You could even include images of amenities available that will make it all the more appealing for prospective guests, who will be influenced to book at your property.

Clear and precise descriptions:

Each and every description of the rooms, facilities and amenities must be clear and understandable at first glance. You need to use the exact same terms both on the website and the booking engine so that all times the guest is clear about facilities and amenities at your property. Another good option is to go ahead and list the available amenities so that prospective guests will be aware of the benefits when they choose the property.

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