The Impact Of Virtual Reality On Hotel Marketing

Technology is constantly evolving and as result of it there are new and tools and software that is  introduced on a regular basis. One area where you can expect a revolution is that of the hospitality industry, which will be transformed when the innovative use of virtual technology will become a part of it.

While there are some hotels that have upgraded and are using virtual reality to engage customers, it still is in early stages with more tweaking and improvement needed in the existing technology. One area which is going to undergo a profound change with the introduction of virtual reality is that of hotel digital marketing. It encompasses a vast area ranging from 360 degree views to augmented reality seen through special gear.

As it is still in the developmental stages and has not been incorporated in a full-fledged way by the hospitality industry, yet. As result most business and hotel owners are not aware of the numerous marketing benefits that virtual reality has to offer them. There is no industry better suited for the use of virtual reality applications, It would be ideal for prospective guests to be able to view and experience in the virtual world the look and feel of the property they plan to stay in. Virtual display of rooms, facilities and other property features will enhance viewer experience and motivate guests to make online bookings. The facility to showcase your property in 360 degree using virtual reality will have a tremendous impact on marketing of your hotel. This will help them to make instant decisions as to whether they would like to stay there.

Virtual Reality Hotel Marketing

Prospective guests like to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing accommodation and virtual reality will offer exactly what they need. Some other areas where it will influence hotel marketing are:


As the popular saying goes “Content is king” will no longer be of relevance in this area. Through digital marketing, which will make use of virtual reality the dominating feature will be the videos of the property and its facilities available for guests to use. It will make promoting properties mush easier and offer an exact view of what the guest will actually experience when they stay on the property.

It will have a string visual impact:

All marketing experts are aware of the impact of visual advertisement to leave a positive impression on prospective customers. Through VR which will comprise both of high quality video and audio the entire experience will be enhanced tremendously. It will help guests to make informed decisions and instantly decide whether they want to stay at the property or not. This will transform the world of digital marketing forever.

Will increase interactivity:

One of the biggest benefits of VR is that provides much greater scope to make the experience more interactive and user oriented. This is possible because of the facility of live streaming. This one factor makes virtual reality even more appealing.

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