The Different Amazing Attractions Of Paddington

London has so many fascinating places to see. One of such places is Paddington. This area is always packed with people and is one of the most posh localities of London. You can just have an awesome day there and can fill your heart with lots of memories visiting from numerous places of attractions there. The most remarkable thing of this area is the Paddington Station, which has been in service since quite a long time. Thus, this area even makes your connectivity to other places very convenient. From museums, halls, gallery, church and what not- Paddington is literally filled with everything. And, so, while you are travelling to London, visiting Paddington is one of the most common think in anyone’s itinerary.

Now, when it comes to finding a place for accommodation, you will be loaded with so many options when you are in Paddington. There are a number of hotels near Paddington London Station, where you can very conveniently stay. There are a number of choices and so based on your budget, you can book the most desirable one. If you are on a family trip, then Park Grand Central Paddington London Hotel will be one of the best choices. With the grandness, luxury and elegance of the hotel rooms, your stay is going to be a very pleasurable one.

Places of Attractions

And, when you are all set, it is the time to explore this amazing locality of Paddington. There are a number of things to see and do and some of the most highlighted sightseeing places are located here too. Have a look!

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

Who doesn’t know about Alexander Fleming? It is because of him that the antibiotics are out in the market. Well, everybody knows that he first discovered antibiotic Penicillin. This museum is dedicated to this very fact. You can just travel all the way back to those days, when this revolutionary antibiotic was discovered, thereby changing the treatment procedure of the medical fields. There are numerous pictures which are on display and along with it the museum also plays some of the videos, showcasing the journey of this grand discovery. Even you can see all the medical instruments, the lab and the furnishings, which are preserved there very beautifully.

The Porchester Hall

This is one of the wow factors of Paddington. Located in the centre, this hall is the place for many events such as marriages, receptions, and even some of the amazing fashion shows and many more of this type. This hall marked its journey in 1929, and subsequently transformed itself to become one of the most amazing posh places of Paddington. On a visit to this place, you can come across some of the authentic and traditional architecture, with classy interiors decorated with red carpets and chandeliers. This also houses a dance floor and is very famous for ballroom dance. The kitchen and the bar are the other two important aspects of this place that impresses the visitors instantly.

Subway Gallery

This gallery is located between Harrow road and Edgware Road and is quite close to Paddington Green. This is quite a recent development, which marked its journey in the year 2002. What used to be just a shoe repairing shop has been greatly renovated all with glass walls, to house some of the finest collection of arts, making it one of the most desired places to see for the art lovers. Robert Gordon McHarg is the real man behind this gallery. A very well known artist and curator, the things inside the gallery, which are on display, are simply mind blowing.

Art Work Space

So, if you are planning to visit the Hempel Hotel for a retreat and if you are a passionate lover of art, then this can be your place. Simply visit this gallery to understand why it is so special. This gallery is an example of all the dimensions of artistry- paintings, drawings, printing, photography- you just name it once! All the collections displayed there are from the budding talents of London. This place has an aura of creativity and happens to be one of the dynamic places of Paddington. The interior is quite big and with the contemporary designed architecture. It can even display at a time more than 100 such beautiful collections. Apart from the amazing lighting and air condition facilities, you also get to access internet as a complimentary thing.

Paddington Central

This is the place that you can visit to see some of the recent establishments of London. Some of the big techie companies uplift the name and fame of this place. Spread across 11 acre of land, this site houses quite a number of office buildings. Located very close to the Paddington Station, you can go to this building simply by taking a walk. The most interesting thing about this site apart from the office of big giants like Kingfisher, Microsoft, Statoil etc is the floating classroom. So, you ought to see this at least once, isn’t it? Besides the location of this place is simply amazing and the waterside increases the beauty of this place tenfold. What else you want from this place? Restaurants, lunch corners, cafes, gym and many more things are constructed surrounding the building site.

St John’s Church

London houses a number of amazing churches. No doubt about it! And, of all such different churches, this is one such church, which shouldn’t given a miss. This is quite an old establishment, more specifically, dating back to the 19th century. Constructed beautifully, following the Gothic style of architecture, the building is designed in all white with the amazing colored windows, making the perfect blend. The good thing about this place is that it is open to both visitorsm and the ones who are there for some sort of service. So, if you want to engage in the service of mankind, you can visit there once.

The list is never ending when it comes to Paddington. This place is just so beautiful yet sophisticated enough!

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