The Best Places to Visit after Dark in London

London is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Rich in diversity, heritage, culture and history, the British capital city has a lot of options for several different activities. There are so many things to do. If you are planning to visit London, plan ahead and make an itinerary of your stay too. That is the best way to ensure that you will have a smooth, hassle – free and simply marvelous holiday experience. From high street, first class shopping facilities to huge, wide open green spaces like parks and gardens, amazing city nightlife, fun and adventure sports activities, and definitely a long, long list of tourist spots, sites, attractions, destinations and other places of interest that include beautiful, magnificent royal monuments and landmarks and other such beacons of the beautiful heritage London boasts of. Being in London for a trip means you get a chance to explore the rich, exciting heritage, culture, and amazing excitement that is and forms the English mannerisms. Here are the things you must do in order to make sure your London trip is absolutely wonderful and for you to blend right in with the locals and basically just have one hell of a time.

London is an extremely popular and a truly beautiful city. It is filled with wonderful tourist sites, spots, destinations, attractions, places of interest, landmarks and special monuments that you absolutely cannot miss when you come here for a trip or vacation. And when you come to London, you also definitely need to keep an eye out for landmarks special to London. One of the best things about London is that you can go sightseeing anywhere, anytime, and see the endless number of tourist spots, sites, destinations, attractions and places of interest and so on and so forth. Whether it is during the daytime, taking use of London’s beautiful climate and weather conditions, using the London Underground Tube System, which is a landmark in itself; or by exploring London at nighttime, under the stars in the glorious night air; there are several things for you to do in London. Here are a few tips on what you can do to take advantage of the night atmosphere of London, to have some truly memorable experiences.

Another very notable thing about London is that a trip here does not necessarily need to break the bank. There are the widest ranges of attractions, tourist sites, spots and destinations you can visit for free or at absolutely low costs and prices. And especially during the night, when you can enjoy so many attractions and beautiful things about London at absolutely none or very little prices and costs. London boasts of a lovely night ambiance. There are so many things for you to do at night in London. For example, from long lovely strolls at night along the picturesque Thames River and visiting all the numerous art galleries and museums present along the bank of the river to taking walks and tours along the old, dark yet beautiful alleyways once haunted by the likes of Jack the Ripper; feel the thrill as you discover more of London’s heritage, culture and history at night.

An absolutely spectacular and truly unforgettable experience would be to ride the London Eye at night. It is a giant Ferris wheel located at the heart of the city along the banks of the River Thames, which offers you a three hundred and sixty degree tour of the city of London. Just imagine how magnificent it will be at nighttime. The Eye is open through day and night during autumn, spring and winter seasons. It will be the thirty minutes of your lifetime as you rise several metres above the beautiful Thames River and reach out to the entire city of London during the night, from one of the most distinctive features of the skyline of the British capital city.

The London Soho is a terrific place for you to check out at night. Diverse, popular, lively and vibrant, the fun – loving crowd and atmosphere at the Soho along with its rich history and venues make it an absolute must visit for tourists. The biggest hub for London’s live entertainment, including an amazing nightlife; you will find several of London’s notable gay bars, burlesque shows and so on and so forth here. Mayfair, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden are among notable landmarks within the Soho.

Soho also consists of West End, arguably the most vibrant and lively theatre district in the world. You can easily go there and see a lovely musical or show right after dinner. Speaking of dinner, hotels like Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch have amazing dining facilities for you to have an early dinner and then go about sightseeing throughout the night. Fine dining with delightful menus and cuisines and commendable service are not the only things that the hotel promises. You will also get a number of facilities, benefits and services all at highly affordable rates. The hotel offers lovely, spacious rooms that are well – furnished, prettily – decorated and well – equipped with the latest state – of – the – art amenities. It also boasts of a wonderful, easily accessible, very convenient location.

One of the best things you can do is hear and see the world – famous Big Ben strike midnight. Big Ben is the most popular clock in the world. While it is definitely a fabulous sight during the day, it is no less at night either, situated on top of the significant Westminster Abbey, right alongside the banks of the gorgeous River Thames. At night, with the face of the clock lit up brightly, and the lovely golden trim shining in the moonlight; it makes a truly unforgettable experience when you hear the Big Ben strike at midnight. Do not forget to check out the best restaurants and bars in Shoreditch. For general information, here are some of the best pubs and bars to go to in London during your night out sightseeing:

o Ape and Bird
o Sun Tavern
o Original Sin
o Happiness Forgets
o Worship Street Whistling Shop
o Satan’s Whiskers
o  Lost Angel
o Baltic
o Bar Termini
o Ladies and Gentlemen
o Rum Kitchen

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