Kensington is a stylish, vibrant and colorful district in the city of London. It is rich in culture, tradition, and one of the most luxurious in the country. It is a tourist hub which is rich in museums, palaces, gardens, buildings and landmark buildings. It is home to some of the world renowned galleries and academic institutions. The posh residential areas also lends to the posh appearance of Kensington.

Kensington is the center for all the activities and action.  It is the hub for talents, performers, artists, painters, and architects. It is rich in shops, eateries, restaurants, street food stalls, antique dealers, art galleries, designer items and fashions and many more.

Live life to its fullest as a complete local in Kensington by first relaxing and rejuvenating yourself at the Park Grand Kensington Hotel. It is the best Kensington hotel in London. Read on to know more how to transform to a full fledged local in the city and to explore its delights.

  • Splurge on shopping at the Kensington shops:

Longing to shop to your heart’s content? Kensington is the perfect shopping hub. Fulham road is a major shopping street as well as the longest shopping street in the area of South Kensington. Explore the individual boutique outlets, antique dealers, furnishings which are quite trendy and stylish, and some of the best, kitchen accessories, interior designs, lighting objects, and other home accessories.

            The Brompton is one such shopping road with best in designer and high end quality items. It also houses old Christie’s which is features some of the best collections of fine arts in the world.

            Check out the Hollywood Road Gallery if you are looking out for some modern and contemporary sculptures and paintings with a blend of European and South American cultures and traditions. Art enthusiasts can also check out collections classic and fine art from the 1550s to the 1830s.

  • Buy your food stuffs and other items at Kensington markets:

If wish to purchase food stuffs and other produce which is locally grown, then the Chelsea Farmers market is the ideal solution. This market is the hub for eateries, flower shops, boutique shops, bookstores, organic supermarkets and garden nurseries as well. In this market, you will only find these shops housed in buildings structured like chalets. You will not find stalls within the Chelsea market like you find with the other markets across the country. This lends it its uniqueness and makes it a spot frequented by the locals, tourists and visitors.

            Harrod’s is the world renowned retailer in the country. Harrods is covered over five acres of land and it comprises of 330 departments. It is the largest retailer in the whole of Europe. Get the best of retail items only here, from designer shoes and bags to couture gowns, vintage and antique articles, finest of wines, and many more.

  • Drink and dine at some of the restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and pubs in Kensington:

Live life as a local in elegance and style at some of Kensington’s most popular restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops. They offer you plenty of your favorites and new items on the menu for you to sample and indulge your taste buds. Indulge in some of the unique flavors of Kensington cuisine. You will be spoilt for choice with the wide food options on the menu.

  • Indulge your sweet tooth at cafes and bakeries:

The cafes and bakeries at Kensington serve you some of the most yummy mouth watering cakes, pastries, desserts, snacks, chips and many more. The coffee shops on Kensington high road are the pride of every morning walker looking for that perfect steaming cup of coffee. We all love to start kick start our day with a mug of coffee. Sample the coffee at Le Pain Quotidien which prides themselves in serving the best Belgian coffee along with their special sandwiches, special organic bread, café au lait, and hot chocolate. You can also enjoy your perfect English break fast at Muriel’s kitchen which is located on Pelham Street. They also serve you some of the best home cooked meals.

            If you are looking to indulge in a more traditional Italian cuisine, then the best option is the La Bottega which can be found on the Old Brompton road.

            Dreaming of your home land American Pastries, then the Humming bird Bakery which is located on the Old Brompton road is the perfect spot to satisfy all of your cravings. They serve some of your all time favorites like pastries, sinful chocolate cakes, cheese cake, velvet cakes and many more.

  • Restaurants with multi cuisines to sample:

Indulge and dig into French cuisine along with a Japanese side to it, only at the L’Etranger. It can be located on Gloucester road. Experience the best of Moroccan cooking at the Couscous Darna along with some entertaining belly dance performed by some of London’s glamorous belly dancers. You can taste the best of French cuisine at the Racine and La Bouchee. Most delicious sea food is served at the Bibendium and Thai food at the Patara which is located on Fulham road.

  • Bars and Pubs at Kensington:

The pubs and bars offering visitors with the best British pub experiences are the Zetland arms, the Anglesea arms, Hereford arms, among several others. The one which stays at the top of the list through all these years is the Zetland arms. You will find it housed in a very old building which is rich in history and tradition. It serves the most classic ales along with much loved pub food.

  • Blend in with the crowds as a true local at the Kensington palace and pay tribute at the Albert Memorial Hall. You can take in the sights and explore Hyde Park or ride on the underground tube transport. You can pay a quick visit the Royal College of Music and its museum, the science museum, the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum while at Kensington.
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