Hot footing it through London’s flora and fauna

Although the London Eye attracts a lot of attention and visitors because of the incredible vistas it offers across the infamous London skyline, there are other ways to enjoy some of the most amazing views of the city without having to join the throngs at the Eye. One of the best things about London is that, large and iconic as it is, it lends itself to exploration on foot and some of the most enjoyable days can be spent exploring the city while getting some air into the lungs and working up an appetite for the multicultural cuisine available on almost every street corner.

Of course, walking is also a very economical way of exploring the city and, if you’re travelling on a bit of a shoestring, look out for the range of comfortable, budget hotels in central London. If you’re keen to explore some of the less notorious sights of London, it’s well worth heading to the North of the city and discovering the historic buildings and ancient woodlands that many visitors overlook.

Hotels in the West of the city offer a break from the hustle and bustle of the centre and also provide comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. The Adria Hotel, London, Hammersmith has a range of modern, restful rooms for everyone, from solo travellers to families and is a mere five-minute walk from Hammersmith Station, making getting to the furthest ends of the city simple and straightforward.

From Hammersmith, you can take the Piccadilly Line to Finsbury Park from where you can catch a connecting overland train to the ice rink. The ascent from the station up to Alexandra Palace is an exhilarating hike through woodlands and open grassy areas. Although the Palace itself is obscured for much of the walk, when it does appear, it seems almost magical, rising up from the hilltop with soaring ceilings and ornamental buttresses. From the Palace, you can see the city’s tallest skyscraper in the far distance alongside the famous dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.

A short distance away is Muswell Hill which was a village in its own right for many centuries and still enjoys a certain amount of isolation from the busy London streets as it is too high to be serviced by the London Underground. After taking in the Edwardian splendour of the architecture, you can walk onto Highgate Wood from where the Parkland Walk will take you along a disused railway line to Cranley Gardens. From here you can explore a 70-acre section of woodland where remains from a Roman settlement were uncovered in the 1970s. Strolling through the woods, enjoy some of the mature holy trees and famous English oaks before arriving at the Pavilion where you can enjoy organic, free-range delicacies.

If you’re feet are beginning to hurt, then you can head back the hotel using a combination of bus and Underground but, if you’re still fighting fit and eager for more, you can either continue on the Parkland Walk or keep heading south to the famous Hampstead Heath and for a full day of London’s exquisite flora and fauna. An epic day should be celebrated so head back to Hammersmith and indulge in the gastronomic delights of the many restaurants nearby before collapsing into your comfortable hotel room to reflect on the day’s discoveries.

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