Exploring London on the River Thames

There are even better sights of the city of London from a Thames River Boat Cruise. The main attraction of London city is the River Thames itself as it is located in the very heart of the city. Most of the stunning attractions, sights and monumental buildings line up near the banks of the River Thames. The River Thames stretches across 346 km. So you can expect sights and attractions of London city that extend for 346 km! There is a lot to be seen and admired from the River Thames. And the best way to view these sights from the River Thames is by going on a pleasurable boat river Cruiser.

London offers several boat cruise ride packages to view the best sights from the river Thames. If you are planning on doing all of your sightseeing in one shot, then the Thames River Cruises are the best options to consider.

Explore London’s delights from the river Thames once you have booked your accommodations and stayed at the Piccadilly Hotel London. This hotel offers some of the best services in the city of London and makes your stay in London comfortable, convenient and fun filled. It is one of the best hotels near Piccadilly Circus.

Read on to know more about all that the River Thames cruise has to offer you.

Affordable prices on the river Cruise:

You get to tour the city of London on the waters of the River Thames by cruising at a reasonable and affordable price of just £ 18 if you are an adult, and £ 9 if you are a kid. Those tourists, visitors, and Londoners having passes can cruise along the River Thames get a free ticket to cruise for twenty-four hours. These free passes are also accompanied with free entry to most of the attractions on the river Thames.

Duration of the cruise on the river Thames:

There are various cruises on the river Thames and it all depends on the type of tour and the package which you choose to be on. There are cruises on the River Thames that extend to 30 minutes, while some extend to two hours and some even for up to three hours. All the tickets that you purchase for a cruise on the river Thames are tickets that are valid for twenty-four hours.

Hop on and hop off River Cruise:

These are one of the best tours on the River Thames. You can hop on or hop off from these River Cruise whenever you so desire. Explore the most popular tourist attractions and sights as well as the historical buildings and monuments from the hop on and hop off cruises on the river Thames. You can remain on the river Cruise and explore the sights that can be viewed from the river itself. And if you wish to explore the spot, tourist attraction, historical monument or building, then you get to hop off the river cruise to explore the site further, to your heart’s content.

However, you don’t get to hop on or off just about anywhere. There are special boat cruise stations to get on or get off. These stations are the pier located at Westminster, the South bank of the river Thames located near the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and the Greenwich.

Sights from and along the River Thames:

Sights at Westminster:

It is one of the most serene and attractive neighborhoods in London city. This is the top highlights of the river Cruises on the River Thames and it has its own hop off station. Get the best sights and take memorable snaps of the Big Ben, the Houses of the Parliament and the Westminster Abbey. The Westminster Abbey is one of the most attractive sites which is rich in history, tradition, architecture, and culture.

Sights at Southbank:

Southbank is one of the most creative and cultural hubs in the city of London. Visit the most popular theatres where Shakespeare’s plays are staged at. Be charmed by the Globe theatre and watch a show there. Also, experience shows at the open aired theatres found at Southbank. These theatres are the favorite haunts where Shakespeare staged his plays. The London eye is also the top attraction near this station which offers panoramic views of the city of London. Get 360-degree views all around you from such stunning heights.

Visit the HMS Belfast which is one of the historic ships remaining from the Second World War. It is the only surviving cruiser which was used by the Royal Navy in the Second World War.

Sights at Tower Hill:

This area is always streaming with tourists and visitors all around. You will find several historical and traditional monumental icons at the Tower Hill which includes those of the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. These sights have added to England being known as a modern metropolis.

Hop off at this station and explore the glass skyway at the Tower Bridge and admire the Royal Jewels and the other treasures that are housed at the Tower of London. The Tower of London is well guarded by the tower guards. The tour guides around the area are known as the Beefeaters.

Sights at the Docklands:

There are also several sights at these Docklands to be explored. It’s worth to visit and explore the sights at the Docklands. Float along the river Thames across Cutty Sark. Visit the gigantic tea clipper, it holds a record breaking history of racing across seven seas. Their skyscrapers around Canary Wharf are impressive sights offering the best sights with panoramic views all around.

The Canary Wharf is also rich in history. Walk along the Canary Warf and explore the same wharf where the sailors and seamen docked at. Visit the Museum of London Docklands, the fine line canary wharf, the Slug and lettuce canary wharf, the canary wharf tower, and much more. The canary wharf tower too offers some of the best sights all around.

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