Experience Some Fun Moments In Soho

London has some of the amazing areas that needs t be explored properly. And one such area is Soho, where you can find each and every single thing for fun and excitement. While most of the tourists visit London to see the attractive places, but to understand how the local spend their days in the city, you need to take a break from the sightseeing expedition and set yourself for some of the offbeat experience. Oaky, let us ask you- what is the most fascinating thing for you in London. Like most of the people, you will also raise a supportive hand in favor of shopping. Shopping is definitely a great thing when you are in London. This city has many different collections of stores and street markets, but when you are in Soho the experience is bit different. You are expected to find something that you may not have even imagined in your shopping list. And, well, not just the shopping experience, you will have some of the best moments of your life here. How? Just read on!

However, before we move any further, time to consider your accommodation. When in London, you really don’t have to worry much regarding your stay. There are a number of hotels, located in good localities that will perfectly match accordingly to your taste. Well, based o your budget, you can choose the most appropriate hotel. Also, there are a number of boutique hotels London, where you can plan your stay. Such hotels have all the amenities and features to make your stay a pleasurable one.

Most of the times, it is seen that the budget is really a problem. To ease you out, you can book a room in The Marble Arch by Montcalm London. In this hotel, you will find a number of rooms that are very tastefully decorated. Also, the feature of this hotel is such that you don’t have to compromise with your normal routine. Starting from the fitness centre with all sort of equipments to the free access of internet, every the individuals on a business tour can find this hotel to be the most appropriate on. The staffs of the hotel are very efficient and all your problems, if any will be handled with utmost care. Even this hotel gives you the scope to unwind a bit in the evening hours by grabbing fine glass of wine or any other drinks from the hotel’s bar. Even you can taste some of the delicious food that is served in the restaurant there.

Exploring Soho

Now that you are all set to rock and roll and even have a perfect accommodation to rest for a while when tired, it is the time to explore Soho and see its different attributes.

Beyond Retro: While everybody knows that shopping is indeed a delightful thing when you are in London. But when you are in this shop, the feeling is something different. This shop is one of the best antique shops that this city has. It has several chains and in every chain you are assured to get some of the best clothing attires with a twist from the past. Whatever, it may be getting the most fashionable clothes while going through the latest trend and at the same time some touches of the bygone days- the dress seem to be special enough and so does the feeling when you wear such dresses.

Foyle’s Bookstore

Foe the book lovers in London, this is one of the best places to visit to add a number of books to your collection. Although, the people of London can very often go to this book store, but you, being a visitor can grab quite a good number of books. This place is just filled with books and you will be amazed by the collection it has. If you are in Oxford Street, you can very easily reach to that bookstore just by walking for few minutes.

The Photographer’s gallery

This is yet another exciting place to be and you can get amazed by the numerous collections that this place has. The access to this museum is free and you can see some often finest collection of artworks as well as photographic collections. Also, many events and exhibitions are organized there time to time and there many other pictures are also being displayed. So, if you are an art lover, and want to see some of the finest collections, do visit this place when you are in London.

Flat planet Restaurant and Café

So, when you are all tired after exploring the various nooks and corners of Soho, time to rest for a while. And, what perfect combination can it be for relaxation with a plate of delicious food. Yes, when you are here, you are guaranteed of the best serving. You can get a numerous choice of flavors right in this place. From some of the famous Italian delicacies like that of the pizza to some of the platters of the Middle Eastern region, this place can fulfill all your eating dreams. On top of that, the ambience of the place is pretty amazing, when you come out of the café and walk downstairs, you can see an altogether different scene with people engrossed in their daily chores and working on the most important gadgets like laptops and mobiles.


While London has something for everybody, how come the gay community lack behind. That’s right; this club is one of the fascinating places for the gays. What is more interesting about this place is the selection of music. You can very easily dance on some of the most exciting pop numbers. This place ensures that your night is just going to be a rocking one. This place was not that popular right from its inception. However, over the period of time, it has not only established itself as a popular venue for entertainment and fun but also gave the gay people some token of celebration.

The list is a never ending one when you are in Soho. While there are so many other things to do, these above mentioned things will just make the perfect start.

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