Everyone Loves London in the Summer

London’s weather is an oft-discussed issue at various levels and a common topic of conversation among friends. The main reason is that most of the year, it is cold with overcast skies, drab, dark and rainy, with relief coming only by the second half of spring and the summer months. As such, the suppressed desires of its inhabitants to move out of their shells and enjoy the sun and the relatively hot weather suddenly burst forth leading to a spurt in activities and outdoor entertainment.  The summer sun attracts one and all, even the tourists from other places as some of the best things to do can only take place in the summer. No wonder then that Londoners love the summer months when they can indulge in doing their favourite things. Given below are the main reasons for this infatuation with summer.

There is a Splash of Colour Everywhere:  Summer is the time when London is colourful everywhere with flowers blossoming in the gardens and a general sense of happiness reflected by the throngs of both residents and visitors everywhere in their most colourful attire. You will be able to see a riot of colour everywhere with wildflowers, pristine gardens, floral arrangements for sale, beautiful window boxes and large blooms being displayed as they climb the walls of pubs and cafes on every street of the city. Moreover, there are great events that take place in summer where the main essence is colour such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show that was previously known as the Great Spring Show. This garden show is held for five days in May and is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea. It has been held in Chelsea since 1912 and is the most famous flower and landscape gardens show in the UK. It is also one of the best in the world and is visited by people from all across the globe. The main feature of the show is the avant-garde show gardens designed by leading names with Floral Marquee and it also features smaller gardens such as the Artisan and Urban Gardens. It is the world’s most prestigious flower show, displaying the best in garden design.

Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel is one of the most convenient and strategically placed hotels in central London as it is located just at a few steps from Hyde Park and at a short walking distance or a short bus or tube ride from most of the attractions of London. Moreover, it is a luxury hotel that offers most comfortable accommodation along with ideal facilities and personalised services.

Exploring the Markets: When the summer season starts, it is time to explore the streets and farmers markets as they are resplendent with fresh home-grown produce, flowers of different sorts, food trucks offering fresh, tasty street food, and vendors lining up the markets with different kinds of goods. There are many markets in London dealing with different goods such as the Notting Hill farmers market which is famous for fresh fruit and veg; Borough Market which is famous for quality regional produce and other goods and a vast array of quality street food; the Camden which is an eclectic market for fashion, food and odd items; and the Portobello Road Market which is a world-famous market for antiques and for second hand clothing and arts and crafts items.

The advantages of staying at hotels near Paddington Station include the convenience of reaching the hotel after a long and tiring flight as the Heathrow Express from Heathrow Airport takes just 15 minutes for the journey. Moreover, there is easy access to most other places of London and there are different categories of hotels available in this area.

Enjoy Fresh Air: A regular morning walk is what the doctor recommends and London provides ample opportunities for people to keep healthy by going on walks or by jogging in the morning, especially in the summer when the weather is conducive for the same. Some of the best public footpaths are provided in London so that your walk or jog is scenic and relaxing. You will be able to get fresh air and your mood will also brighten up. There are many dedicated walking paths in the city that not only provide safety but also spectacular views and an opportunity to see the major attractions of the city such as the Thames River walk that will take you along the banks of the river especially on the Southbank side and enjoy viewing the various landmarks of London across the river. You can also take a stroll along the canal or take a cruise on one of the barges.

A Place in the Sun: Summer is when you can really bask in the sun whether in a park or in one of the pop up urban beaches in London during this season. London has no dearth of parks as nearly 47% of its area is covered with green spaces enabling its people and its tourists to relax in lush green meadows in places like Hyde Park and indulge in leisure activities. Moreover, another worthwhile activity is to get spectacular views of the city’s skyline by climbing up Primrose Hill or from Greenwich Park.

Rooftop and Other Outdoor Pubs and Cafes: Rooftop bars are excellent for having a drink in the sun and enjoying panoramic views of the city. There are many such places in London or as an alternative you can also enjoy a drink on the pedal powered “pub” or in a boat along the Thames. Many people love to enjoy a Sunday morning cup of coffee sitting outside a neighbourhood corner coffee shop while reading a book or simple watching people. The best rooftop bars in London include Selfridges Roof Deck Restaurant & Bar, Queen of Hoxton Shoreditch, Netil 360 Hackney, Pergola on the Roof, Shepherd’s Bush, The Roof Gardens Kensington, Prince of Wales, Brixton, Proud Camden, The Culpeper Spitalfields and many more.

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