Enjoy the delights of Cambridge

Cambridge has been a focal point for scholars, intellectuals and academicians for hundreds of years who have traversed its quaint cobbled streets. It has always vied with Oxford as the most quintessentially British town and for academic excellence. The classic architecture, old fashioned cafes and bookstores are no longer the sole preserve of British students, but invites students from across the globe. It is one of the most cosmopolitan spots in Britain and home to hipsters and the latest in fashion. Its picture postcard ambience makes it the perfect weekend getaway destination for Londoners.

If you are a gourmand, the restaurants in Cambridge will please all your culinary tastes. There is an excellent variety of dining options ranging from Italian to Asian cuisines.

Some of the things to do when in Cambridge are:

Begin with a tour of the university:

If would be only befitting to begin a tour of the place with the University. So don a scholarly look and start exploring the one of the two finest universities in England. While Oxford and Cambridge always draw a comparison in academics, architecture, rankings etc. there are a few differences. Cambridge is smaller, therefore the University is much more prominent a landmark. Visitors to the city cannot miss the place with the 31 colleges open for exploration. While you are free to nose around the place ensure that you do not make the cardinal sin or treading on the grass! While all the colleges are enchanting to visit the top draws are Trinity, St. John’s and King’s College. While there make sure you visit beautiful Fellows Garden of Clare.

Visit its museums:

If you love learning about historical events and have a fascination for visiting museums, Cambridge is the place to indulge your cultural pursuits. Traipse through the many museums in town with the city renowned for the largest collections of museums pieces out of the capital London. Whatever your area of cultural interest you are sure to find something to engross you and satiate your curiosity.  Some of the best spots to visit include the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens, the Fitzwilliam Museum for arts and antiquities and the famous Imperial War Museum.

Try the traditional sport in town – Punting:

Again like Oxford, Cambridge is located along the banks of the meandering Cam River, which makes it ideal to explore on the water. You chosen mode of travel for the trip would be the ubiquitous punt, a flat bottomed boat. If you are the adventurous type try your hand at rowing the punt (easier said than done) or better still hire a chauffeur to take you around the place. A very relaxed and enjoyable way to see the amazing beauty of Cambridge’s surroundings!

Indulge your sweet tooth at Fitzbillies:

If you visit Cambridge, a visit to Fitzbillies is an absolute must. It is an institution by itself and probably the most popular bakery in the city. Do not let its external facade of the 1920s fool you as it houses the finest sweet delicacies you could possibly find in town. The highlight of course are its world famous Chelsea Buns. If in Cambridge, a Chelsea buns treat is a must have!

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