Discover Best Hidden Spots in London

London is a great holiday destination and is widely known for its stunning architecture, pleasing hotels, royal attractions, elite shopping and last but not the least plenty of sights worth visiting. No matter if you have visited the city multiple times now you will always find something interesting in here to explore. Someone has rightly said that if you are tired of London, you are tired of life.

The place is filled with amazing quirky places to see and delicious foods to each, however still many who come here always make a visit to the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace etc. There are however many beautiful places in the capital city that are as interesting as these iconic attractions are. These are perhaps hidden in the sense as these are not explored by many people yet.

Perhaps the best part about these hidden attractions in the city is that since these are not much explored most of these attractions are absolutely free. However, these offbeat treasures will no longer be a secret as this article talks about plenty of such amazing ones which one can surely include in their itineraries.

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Mentioned below are some of the interesting hidden gems:

St Dunstan’s in the East

It was a Parish church on St Dunstan’s Hill which is exactly the halfway between the famous Tower of London and London Bridge. In blitz of 1941 the church was bombed and it was decided that the church will not be rebuild. The ruins of it were then turned into a stunning public garden. It is designed by the city of London architects and in 1971 also won the Landscape Heritage Award.

Britain’s Smallest Police Station

Have you heard of this fact? Surprisingly at the south east corner of Trafalgar Square lies a smallest police station which is often overlooked by many. It is made from a hollowed out lamp post. Perhaps it was built so that the policemen can keep a close eye on the demonstrators at the protest site. The nearest tube to reach is the Charing Cross.

The Seven Noses

Do you have the fascination for artistic installations? If yes then one can simply not ignore this one. Also called the London Noses is a brilliant artistic installation on the buildings in London. These plaster of Paris reproductions are of the artist’s nose which is protruding from walls in an unexpected way. These London noses of Soho are surely an interesting and a quirky thing to watch.

These hidden attractions can be made further interesting to watch if you are staying comfortably at any of the hotels in Shoreditch.

St. Martin’s Window

The new window at the St. Martin in the Fields is significant as it carries the gynaecological reworking of many Christian symbols.  One can see here a fusion of contemporary art and classical architecture which is a great thing to watch in itself.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry

If we talk about the most famous Bess Foundry then it is of the Whitechapel. You will be surprised to know that these are the makers of the iconic Liberty Bell which is the popular non religious symbol of United States independence and the Big Ben. This bell foundry was primarily into making of church bells and their accessories and fittings. With these interesting facts in your hand this bell foundry will be an interesting hidden gem in the city.

Isabella Plantation

London provides a lush green landscape and those who are here for the first time will be surprised to see the greenery around. The city is all about parks and gardens and one such not so well explored place is the Isabella Plantation. It is a 40 acre woodland garden which is nestled within a Victorian woodland plantation. The garden includes large collections of Camellias and Rhododendrons along with several other exceptional shrubs and trees. It is an interesting place to be and is open all year round.

The Hidden Ears

As Soho claims to have seven secret noses, the famous Covent Garden boasts of having a set of hidden ears. It may sound a little weird, but this is one of the hidden gems in the capital city. The pair of ears is mounted on the Floral Street walls and others are rumoured to be scattered around other locations in London.

Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden Bar & Cafe

Above the Queen Elizabeth Hall there lies a stunning, beautiful and an award winning roof garden which is a real treat for everyone in the heart of Southbank Centre. The amazing riverside views makes this bar and cafe even more interesting. This garden is one of the best kept hidden gems of the capital city. It has been a much loved part of the Southbank Centre since years now as it was created in order to celebrate the Festival of Britain’s 60th anniversary.

Chislehurst Caves

A tour to these mysterious caves is absolutely free with London Pass. It is a 20 miles of dark passageways. This series of intersecting tunnels is nestled in the southeast London. These were used for chalk and flint mining from 13th to 19th centuries. Today, these caves are turned into a tourist attraction. However, the most interesting part about these caves is that they all are manmade. These caves are also an outside location for many television programmes.

Unlike exploring the well known attractions in London a stroll at these above mentioned places can be extremely exciting and knowledgeable at the same time.

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