British entrepreneurs turning to Silicon Valley

There has been progress in the recent years in the economic aspect as well as the businesses that are running in London city even then people have been turning up to the Silicon Valley and their affair with the Valley may not have come to an end but paused or thinned out . Still now when you take a look at the other aspects the Silicon Valley is still a magnet to the people and they are happily flocking there for the last few years. In case this is the ongoing trend that we see then it has to have some good aspects or positive influences which are pulling people from across the cities.

In United Kingdome the technological built up is happening for a long time now we can comment that the scenario is somewhat established and people have started laying down their good faith in the budding talent still many of the new generation entrepreneurs have been shunning the London tech circle for none other than the Silicon valley. The past few years have seen an increasing trend of this kind of activity but in case this being the reason their ought to be something which pulls the talent. At the moment as we talk there are more than one hundred thousand British who live in the Silicon valley and the only assumption which you can make which might be more or less true is the fact that they are all working in the technology sector.

Few of my friends who were staying in a world class place called the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel  had been to London on some work while meeting them they told that since London too has opportunities but staying in that area of America they were able to build a fortune for themselves which may not have been possible and thereby today they are earning millions. The other aspect that came into light is the fact that this way they are boosting the recruitment or the hiring of the locals is on a spree  other than that they have also thought of pouring money in the local start-ups and the new business ideas which can be worth a million dollars in a few years’ time.

There are many assumptions or many aspects that have been discussed , brainstormed and put forth but one thing that makes sense is the fact the success behind these places is the weather which makes it more convenient for the employees and has been a driving force. Although London is not behind the states in any of the aspects but given the fact that they have the similar qualified professionals in their country as in States they have the best institutions just like the ones in London but what makes it a difference is the weather in the Silicon Valley which cannot be replicated by any means.

One of the other aspect that seems to be quite meaningful to the people is the outflow of money or let’s say they do get the help from venture capitalists who want to somehow help and grow themselves with the help of these start-ups. Silicon Valley has earned a reputation and there has been innumerable companies that have found a base and since even the people who have money they rely on this place and therefore raising money for their new found business seems to be less difficult for people and very recently one of my friend and myself we were having a dinner at one of the hotels near Shoreditch where he was explaining about his journey and their he also agreed with the fact that the idiom or as the saying goes Money breeds money is quite true in the valley so while he went in this part of the city with his unique idea he did get people who had faith in his idea and thereby he has been able to get funding from them. There are multiple buildings in this area and in one building a company is worth more than a billion this can help you understand how much we are talking about. London might have the potential but the vast technology funds are still waiting in the silicon valley who are still untapped and in case of the best brains who want to run their own show they can probably come here in fact a study also highlights the fact that there is a dearth of the skilled workforce in this area as money wise it is almost available all they need is the right people.

There is a law of attraction that also is quite forceful and found its foothold so in case you are in San Francisco everywhere you see you will find an entrepreneur rarely in your nearby locality and the hub around which you are planning to say you will find people of the similar breed staying there. So in case you are there in the Valley and putting up there then you are bound to come across a locality that is quite full of the entrepreneurs or wannabes who are just looking at the right kind of financier who will put money behind his idea. There is a class of entrepreneurs and hence that is how it has been for quite some time now. The ecosystem has placed few people who have started running the show so there you can meet the lawyers or the venture capitalists or the university professors who might have been teaching economics or some bright subjects to the students all this and more have been building the attitude of this place day in and day out.

Lastly a little help from the government sectors as well as the big business houses can be of help to the budding entrepreneurs in the London tech area it might not be as quick as a magic wand but then it is never too late to mend the ways and search for greener pastures.

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