Booking The Finest Hotels At Piccadilly

Don’t spend all of your precious savings on a single hotel room, if you do, then how will you enjoy your holiday or spend your days exploring the city, guilt free?

Get yourself acquainted with some of the best tricks and trips offered by savings experts. After all you don’t want to spend all of your savings for just one nigh, right? We give you some of the most inspiring tips to save your money on booking hotel accommodations in London city.

The Piccadilly London West End is one of the best hotels in Piccadilly with the most exciting accommodations and hotel deals. They are the best luxurious Piccadilly hotel in Shaftesbury Avenue. Some of the most exciting and exclusive special hotel deals that they offer their customers includes a 12% savings of your precious money when you book your accommodations 14 days in advance. Another exclusive hot offer is that you save 8% if you stay at the hotel for two nights or more. And if you stay at the hotel for three nights in a row or longer, you and your family gets 10% off.

Read on to know more all about how you can get the best hotel deals in Piccadilly London.

Book your accommodations in business hotels:

If you are looking out for some best hotel deals, then you should choose business hotels. They provide some of the most exciting hotel deals. This is one of the best tricks if you are choosing to stay anywhere in Europe. You get the best deals from these business hotels during the summer months and also during the weekends because these hotels often experience slow business during the summer months and weekends, thus the prices for accommodation will be much lower compared to the others.

The piccadilly london west end

Choose the corner room in a hotel:

Yes that’s right, the corner room occupies much larger square feet when compared to the other rooms on the floor. There will be more square footage for each of the corner rooms and it will be yours for the stay at the very same price as all the other rooms. However, when you are booking a corner room, kindly be discreet in doing so, as other vacationers and tourists may also want to try them out, and you do not want them to occupy all the corner rooms before you. And what’s even more special is that you get to enjoy all that corner privacy with your family and loved ones, without disturbances from the rest of the rooms at the hotel.

Check into the hotel in the evening:

Hotels offer you accommodations at much reasonable prices towards the end of the day, because by then they are clearer as to the status of the occupancy of the rooms at the hotel. They will be in a position to offer you better upgrades by then.

Contact the hotel desk directly for all of your hotel accommodations instead of the other reservation numbers:

Only the people who are working directly at the hotel desks are capable of giving you the exact upgrades and deals of the hotel accommodation. Try and maintain a friendly relationship with them, whenever you visit and stay at the hotel. This way they will intimate you on the best possible hotel and accommodation deals which are available the moment. You can save a lot of money by maintain friendly ties with the hotel desk staff. When you book directly at the hotel desk, all of your precious savings will not go on other people or agencies commissions or recommendations. This way you will not feel guilty on over spending all of your life time savings on a hotel accommodation.

Combine your hotel and flight bookings to save big time:

Always combine the booking of your hotel accommodations as well as the accommodations on your flight. This way when you get the full package, you will find that the price tag that comes with it is so much lesser. The full package is a major savings combo pack and it will also include the accommodations and expenses of the entire family. This way the deal on savings is not on just your hotel accommodation but also on the flight as well.

Sign or register yourself for getting all the latest updates on the drop in the prices of hotel accommodations:

The major hotel accommodation websites have provisions which enable you to register and sign up for getting all the free and latest hotel accommodation updates as well as the price tags of the hotel accommodation and the types of rooms which are available. This way you do not have to waste your precious time and money on calling up the hotel every time to get your self acquainted with all of the best hotel deals. They will give you the option to select whether you get the updates on the hotel deals sent directly to your mobile number or to your email. The hotel will also update you of when the deals get cancelled or expires. So you get to book and enjoy your stay as per your convenience as well as get them at much cheaper and reasonable prices.

let the front hotel desk be aware that you are an influencer:

when you let the front desk staff aware that you can help to spread the word of their hotel and that you have such capability and potential, they will be all the more hospitable and obliging and they will want to make your stay as well as your family more comfortable and they will also offer you more exciting offers and perks. They will also make your stay even more exciting, fun filled and entertaining. Make the hotel front desk aware that you are very active on websites which rate hotels, or that you have a very large gathering on social media, or that you are a very influential person.

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