Best places to visit with family, this August

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is a tropical heaven which combines conservation and education to impart learning beyond the commonplace way. The place is enjoyed by the children, where they are dispensed with displays of vast number of species of water animals and entertainment. Visit this fun packed place with your kids and indulge in activities like identifying new sea creatures, sea turtles, and learning about conservation policies. The place offers an authentic educational experience via animal encounters, events, shows, and exhibits. This place of Biscayne area is a perfect destination for tourists who are looking for something for their kids.

Ripley’s London

Ripley’s London perched in the centre of west London is bound to pop eyes out of your heads. You will be taken aback throughout your visit. It features more than 700 exhibits that is a never ending fun ride. It has everything to take you on an itinerary beyond your wildest thoughts and imaginations. It exhibits a robust transformer, Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail created from recycled bike parts, and Tower Bridge made up of matchsticks. It is a perfect family day out in London. You can take your children and meander across a remote territory and follow suit the fortitude of Robert Ripley by exploring the floors. The floors are filled with splendid masterpieces, curiosities, and historical antiquities.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

ArcelorMittal Orbit is the best way to examine how innovative and creative your kids are. Natalie Ryde is organizing a wide array of activities from 8 Aug to 23 Aug, wherein families can participate and showcase their creativity. The event affords an opportunity to the children to engage in designing and building parachutes, machines, kites, and flying finger puppets. There will be scores of other adventurous and exciting activities. This event will display what it takes to build a good flying machine and get a chance to build your own flying machine using various artistic elements. The event will showcase world’s best flyers and children can draw inspiration from them to create their own flying finger puppets. Children can test their skills and build kites using their acumen and fly kites in the base of ArcelorMittal Orbit. To add to this amazing event are the background of Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre.

You will find that these family friendly places are not far from the accommodations of famous 4 star hotels in London, where you can plan your stay and begin the tour of city.

Science Museum

Museums in London are the best way to learn about various scientific things. This August, the IMAX theatre of Science Museum will showcase adventurous films. At the theatre, you can see as well as feel the magic of movies. You will be taken to delve deeper into insights of space, large oceans, and science of humanoid robot. The films of the IMAX theatre will bring light to the world which is hidden from the naked eye.

See London by Night

Seeing London from the double decker bus is simply magical. The tour of the city when it is illuminated is a charming sight. The passengers will also be provided a live tour guide or an audio guide who is available in languages of English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese. Visitors can also take a free walking tour and choose from the options of Beatles’ London tour or the Royal London tour. A free boating ride is also included in the trip. Seeing London at night is an exciting tour of the most iconic attractions from the seat of a hop on hop off bus.

Usually individuals will have to buy a 24 hour ticket which promises an unlimited fun of travelling around London.  Passengers will also get a walking tour free of cost and also a river tour included with the bus ticket.  The buses will perch at 60 stops via four different routes, so there is ample opportunity to explore most of London in the least of time.  You can hop on hop off any number of times to visit the areas and sights with gory details. Tourists will have sacrifice the comfort of their stay at night of hotels like Park Grand London Hotels and take ride of London on the bus.

LFC – City Explorer Liverpool

Just hop into the City Explorer and visit the city of Liverpool with rosy spectacles. This tour via the City Explorer captures the true essence of Liverpool and lets you explore its remarkable architecture, heritage, football, and great banter. This is going to be a great learning experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in the richness of Liverpool’s cultural trousseaux. On your itinerary to explore this city you will come across the city’s history, talent, drama as well as other things.

The tour is ending on 31 August and will take you to 12 stops. Your tour will also include a visit to Chinese Arch, The Mersey Ferries, Galleries, and Cathedrals and Museums. After August end, the tour will take place on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Intrepid Sea is home to the space shuttle that steered the successful Space Shuttle Program of America. Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space museum is a site of amazing interactive and cultural adventure. The museum displays large collections, programmes, and exhibitions. You will be amazed to see the authentic displays of aircrafts like Lockheed A-12 Blackbird. It is renowned for its agility and it is the world’s most swift spy plane and military jet. You will also see British Airways Concorde, which has etched its name in the records as the fastest commercial aircraft ever that crossed the Atlantic.

Madison Square Garden, All Access Tour – NYC

Located in the centre of Manhattan, Madison Square is known for its sporting facilities. The place houses amazing opportunities for budding headlining artists. Madison Square Garden houses NY Knicks and Rangers. The tour lets you explore state-of-the-art arena and throws light on its illuminating history, spanning hundred and thirty years. You can visit the wonderful Chase Bridge and get interesting details about your favourite players in the locker rooms.

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