Best places for spotting animals

Following is the list of best places for spotting animals, in and around London.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
The ZSL Whipsnade zoo is a safari park located in England and is dedicated to conservation of animals and their habitat. The zoo has ponds that were originally bomb craters burrowed by the explosions of the Second World War. During this period, the zoo sheltered animals, rescued from Regent’s Park London Zoo. The zoo exhibits African Hunting Dogs, butterfly house which houses various species of butterfly, and Crocodiles. Visitors walk through the butterfly exhibit so that the species are flying when they walk past by the exhibit. The beautiful, colourful exhibit also houses largest moths in the world including the atlas moth.

Passage through Asia Paddock
The zoo has an interesting “Passage through Asia” paddock where visitors can access the area by driving in their own cars or on board a Jumbo Express Train. The paddock removes the boundaries between the visitors and the herds of hog deer, blackbuck, Bactrian camels, and chital. The zoo also houses a bevy of seven African lions at the Lions of Serengeti. The zoo also exhibits a Sea Lion’s Splash wherein the three California sea lions demonstrate different tricks and stunts in the pool.  The zoo has a paddock spread over seven acres that is a habitat of nine Asian Elephants. The paddock displays mud wallows, dust baths, and three pools of the elephants.  The zoo features “Rhinos of Nepal” that is a home to a crash of four Indian rhinoceros. The zoo conducts an educational demonstration of the birds in which many species of birds display their natural abilities to the audience.

Discovery Centre
There is an indoor display called “discovery centre” that is home to myriad tiny, exotic animals like veiled chameleons,  spiders, pythons, locusts, ants, etc. The “cheetah rocks” of the zoo demonstrate the Sudanese cheetahs and dole out information about the cheetah conservation project, undertaken by ZSL, in Tanzania. The best thing of the zoo is the Children’s Farm, housing cows, turkeys, chickens, horses, goats etc, and it is loved most by the children.  There are various other animals housed in the zoo that do not form a part of themed animal exhibits. The visitors can move out of the zoo after their stop-over and relax at some of the Best London Restaurants, located in the vicinity.

Willows Activity Farm
This fun farm is kids’ favorite attraction in London that involves tractors, crop-picking, and animals, among other things. The Willows Activity Farm is a fun packed event to be enjoyed in all weathers.  Children love the tractors, farm animals, egg hunts, meeting with Easter Bunny, stories, and Easter shows. The farm launches an adventurous playground, themed on Peter Rabbit on 2nd April. It also demonstrates outdoorsy activities like pig racing, baby animal handling, and lamb bottle-feeding. There is a canteen, but visitors can bring in their own lunch also. The menu offers macaroni cheese, salads, jacket potatoes, and panini.  On the exit, is a gift shop that has children’s anoraks, different toys, gifts, and nursery furniture.

Woburn Safari Park
It is a safari park located in England and features large animal exhibits. The Woburn Safari Park is devoted to animal conservation and has undertaken various breeding programs to save the endangered species. The Park houses hoofstcok facilities, which are said to be one of the largest in the world, called as African ungulate. It is the only zoo of England to house the extinct species of Vietnamese Sika Deer. Europe’s most successful breeding programs of Rothschild Giraffe, is commanded by this Park. The Park has leisure areas stretching about 40 acres that has animal talks, gift shop, GO Ape, family restaurant and petting zones. The leisure area has animals like squirrels, penguins, lemurs, monkeys, emus, goats, ponies, wallabies, and reptiles.

The Road Safari
The Woburn Safari park offers a Road Safari which is divided into various sections where visitors can drive into all the five sections. The sections are home to various species of animals, for instance if you are keen to see Zebras and Bactrian Camels, then you can explore “Northern plains” which houses Chapman’s Zebras, North American Bison, and Vietnamese Sika Deer.

The Savannah grasslands, is an expanse of 40 acres and is home to Sable Antelope, Southern White Rhino, Ostrich, Ankole Cattle, and Dwarf forest buffalo. Visitors can also visit “ The Kingdom of Carnivores”  which is spread over 71 acres and houses North American black beer, Amur Tiger, African lions, and Canadian pack of timber wolves. During the times of warmer months, the “Giraffe Junction” is brimming with Somali Wild Ass, Rothschild’s giraffe, Addax, and Grevy’s Zebra.  The amazing “African Forests” is home to a large barrel of monkeys belonging to the species of Patas Monkeys and Barbary Macaques.

The Woburn Safari Park also offers an amazing foot safari around smaller animals like lemurs, porcupines, meerkats, as well as many other species.  The park hosts different animal demonstrations and animal talks which feature Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Bush dogs, Asian Elephants, Humboldt Penguins, and Californian Sea Lions. The park is also Europe’s largest ex-situ conservation facility that rescued many species from extinction.  The Park also has a “Mammoth Play Ark” which is a soft play centre. Apart from Woburn Safari park, there are many zoos located around Grand Royale London Hyde Park, to be visited with children.

The Lodge RSPB (Royal Society for the protection of Birds) Centre
It is a natural reserve located in England and is a brimming reserve that houses woodlands, grasslands, and amazing opportunities of bird watching. It contains walking trails of five miles, beautiful gardens, and picnic spots. The visitors can book guided tour of the reserve and the centre will offer Explorer Backpacks for children, which will contain bug viewers, activity booklets, binoculars, and wildlife guides.  The reserve includes areas of acid grasslands, coniferous woodlands, and heathland. Heathland attracts species of woodlark, European nightjar, and Dartford warbler. The place also has two Iron Age hill forts that date back to 700 BC.

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