Best places for shopping in London

            London city has some of the finest places to shop at. Each shop is filled with goodies and they all just look so lovely that you will be spoilt for choice. The streets of London are filled with endless shops all along the way. London offers you a lot in terms of shopping, you can go splurge at these shops to your hearts content. Explore the stores, jewelers, boutiques, designer shops, antique shops and more in London city. Get the best of items for you and your families on some of London’s popular landmark streets. London city is famous and exciting to shop at and these shops are frequented by tourists, visitors, locals and other Londoners as well.

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            We give you a guide of the best shopping areas in the city of London for you to shop at to your heart’s content. Read on to discover more about these major shopping spots.

  • Savile row:

You will find Savile row located in Mayfair London. It is a street with lots of shops for you to go shopping. It is much loved for its traditional men’s clothing and expert tailoring services. People from all over the country choose Saville row to get all of their traditional suits and party wear tailored to precision here. The tailors here do a very clean and neat work for your clothing, whether it is for professional or party use. It was in the year 1846 that the world renowned creator of the dinner jacket, which is popularly known as the tuxedo, opened his tailoring shop to the customers of London. It was located at 32 Saville Row. It was later on in the year 1969 that Saville Row Street completely modernized the styles and fashions of the men’s traditional wear. With the arrival of reputed tailors like Richard James, Ozwald Boateng, and Timothy Everest, traditional men’s tailored clothing underwent a major revolution in the country.

  • Bond Street:

Bond Street was founded in the year 1700. Bond Street in the city of London is one of the most adored shopping areas where people flock to get the finest of things for themselves and their loved ones. On Bond Street you will find luxury stores, branded goods, designer fashion and accessories, jewels, art work, antique shops, vintage goods, and many more. It is like a treasure haven, and it is where the hearts of most people lie. It occupies a prime location in the very heart of Mayfair. It is frequented by the wealthiest residents of London as well as some of the wealthiest personalities in the world. It offers everything you will ever need for a luxurious lifestyle. It is the most frequented street by several high profile figures, celebrities, and socialites. It is also the home of world renowned reputed retailers like Asprey, Bulgari, Burberry, Cartier and several more.

  • Oxford Street:

Oxford Street is a much loved high end street. It comprises of more than 300 retail shops which includes designer wear, suits, traditional and formal wear for both gents and women, the latest fashionable accessories, luxury watches, malls, and departmental stores. Oxford Street is rich in history of shopping, frequented by Londoners and tourists from all over the world. Be awed by the architecture of buildings on Bond Street and indulge your taste buds with the most delicious London cuisine served at restaurants and eateries around you. The stores sell you items at best prices and you get the best of deals, unlike any other shopping area. All the shopping areas on Oxford Street are entertaining as well as inspiring. Shopping at Oxford Street offers a unique experience for enthusiastic shoppers, which gets them coming back for more.

  • Portobello market:

The most popular shopping area in Notting hill is the Portobello market. It can be located on the Portobello road. It is considered as one of the best markets in the city, with plenty for you to indulge in. explore Portobello Market and you will find captivating things to take along. The Portobello market is in full swing on Fridays and Saturdays of every week. You will find tourists and visitors too here on other days as well. You get fresh fruits and veggies, antique items, designer clothes of the latest trends, and varieties of houseware and merchandises. Items at the Portobello market are purchased at incomparable bargain rates. Shop at the Portobello market and get unique souvenirs to take back for your loved ones.

  • Canary Wharf:

At the Canary Wharf, you will find more than 200 shops for you to shop at all you desire. It also comprises of several bars, pubs, restaurants and cafés serving the best meals and food stuffs. Taste some of the yummy street food served at the eateries on Canary Wharf. It is the delight of every Londoner and tourist in the city. Another exciting features of the Canary Wharf area is that it offers lots of stunning riverside view points. Get the most luxurious branded items at very reasonable prices at the Canary Wharf. The popular ones on Canary Wharf includes Tiffany Company, Montblanc and several more. It is also home to some of the British branded items such as Aquascutum and Hackett among several others. You will also find lots of independent stores and boutique shops. Some of the restaurants on the Canary Wharf street like the Bar Grille and the Plateau Restaurant lets you dine in style with your loved ones while taking in the stunning views of London’s dusky horizon. The Reebok Sports club on this street is the largest of spots clubs in the whole of Europe.

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