A Trip to London while the Moon Shines!

Fall in love with London all over again, at night time. Be captivated under the spell of the London Lights and make London to dazzle your senses. London, at Night is in itself a whole new fulfilling experience to be cherished in a life time. London is a city of wonders especially at night. Blend into the perfection as you watch the city of London light up the night sky as well as all that is around you. You will be dazzled to gaze at the numerous lights dotting the dusky horizon.

What’s amazing is that London is magical throughout the year, not just a particular season. Enjoy the nigh views of London by listening to some light music or watch a live band musical performance. Live life to the fullest while sampling on canapes and admire the sights of London at night, while floating on a boat along the river Thames.

The River Thames is the iconic river which flows through the heart of London city. Discover London with a whole new set of eyes at night time. Watch the city of London lights up with the lights from buildings and night life all around. Discover London in the evenings by refreshing and booking accommodations at the London City Suites Barbican. They are considered as some of the best London hotel Suites in the city.

Read on to know more about how to explore and indulge in the beauty of London at dusk.

  • A Dinner Cruise on London’s Iconic River Thames:

As the River Thames flows through the very heart of the city of London, it is perfect to admire London whiling cruising on the river. It is the perfect cruise for your loved ones. The cruise will have a duration of 2 hours and thirty minutes. Dine with the love of your life or with your family in elegance and style on board a luxury boat cruising the waters of the river Thames. Don’t you think it is just the perfect setting for a proposal or to spend some real quality time with your most cherished circle of loved ones? Some of the best luxury boats include the ‘harmony’ or the Symphony’. What’s even more refreshing about these evening cruises is that, they offer you the perfect ambience and environment with live jazz music as you eat your way through a four course gourmet dinner or a La Carte dinner. Dance with the love of your life to the soothing music as you take in the sights of the Big Ben, the London eye and other historic buildings floating by.

  • A sight seeing cruise to take in the sights of the Tower of London and the river Thames:

This cruise offers you a one day pass with a combined tour to take in the sights of the Tower of London and also to explore the lengths and breadths of the River Thames. These are the two most popular sight seeing spots. With this cruise you get the choice to plan your sight seeing throughout the day.

      The tower of London is known to house the Crown Jewels as well as treasure several dark secrets of London from the past. Admire the priceless jewels glinting from afar. They are placed in well fortified vaults within the tower of London. The tower of London is also home to some very tame ravens. History tells us that the tower of London was built by William the great conqueror in the year 1066. The tower of London was later modified by successors and other sovereigns who ruled England. It is a landmark of centuries of history for the eyes of the public to explore.

Explore the royal palace, fortress, prison and sight of execution, mint, arsenal of weapons used over the past 900 years. It also features the jewel house.

  • The most exciting hop-on hop- off cruise pass:

Cruise along the river Thames with the Hop-on and hop-off pass. Blend in and admire the beauty of London from the deck of the cruising boat. The river Thames is surrounded with years of history on all sides. The cruise is available for your leisure as well as for that of your families for an entire day. One such beauty on the river Thames is the Red Rover. Cruise along the river Thames in comfort and style while taking in the sights. They offer you refreshments on board. All you have to do is get yourself and your family, tickets and you get to hop on and off whenever you like, that is at any of the piers.  They offer you a full bar service as well. You can get on to the cruise at the Westminster Pier, or waterloo pier which is near the London Eye, or the Tower Pier, or the Greenwich pier. The cruise takes about 20 – 30 minutes to cruise between these piers, so you can get off at these piers when you desire to do so. The entire cruise along the river Thames takes approximately two and a half hours.

  • Cruise taking in the sights of the London eye and the River Thames:

This cruise comes with a full narrated and explained tour. It is even more educative for both your self and your kids. Buy combined tickets to explore London eye with its stunning and breath takin aerial views of the city of London. This way you get to save precious money as well as taken in the most panoramic views in which the city of London is bathed in. it is ideal for first time visitors, as they offer you lots of information.

The London eye is also popularly known as the London’s wheel and it is one of the highest points in the world. Explore as far as the eye can see from the London eye. You will find it on the banks of the river Thames and it gives you incomparable views of the city of London around you.

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