A Short Guide to Visit London

Taste World Cuisines
The city of London is known to serve some of the best cuisines of the world. A stroll through any road will take you to a variety of eating joints, including five star hotels and small drop-ins.  You will find amazing fusions of different cuisines, which are served in finest crockery, at the myriad restaurants of London.

There are plenty of gastropubs in London like Railway Tavern, Anchor & Hope, Hibiscus, Horseshoe and Cow. The best London Restaurants are known to offer world class dining. Apart from these places there are many food spots that offer unique snacks and desserts. In case you are looking out for delightful dishes, especially looking for authentic fish and chips meal, Toff’s is the place to choose. This place is supposed to be the best kept secrets of fish eating Londoners.

Britain’s history via iconic buildings
A short trip to London will take you to London’s many royal palaces and iconic, historical buildings, such as the Tower of London, known for rich and varied history. The historic Tower of London is famous for its beautiful castle. Visitors can a take tour of the maze of vaults, towers and rooms. London’s iconic Big Ben is also a must see for the tourists, an age old construction of 1859, the clock still runs as smooth as ever. Visitors can take a tour of the Big Ben and appreciate the marvel of this beautiful tribute to clock-making from down below.

You can delight yourself with Britain’s history, by visiting the Changing of the Horse Guard and Churchill’s War rooms. The war rooms sheltered the then Prime Minister and his cabinet during war times and contain the maps used by the cabinet.

Various museums of London have housed myriad items that tell tales of the glorified history of Britain. The stories of Queens and Kings, their attire, paintings and other works give deeper insights into the history of England. Places like Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the like, are some of the major tourist attractions of London.

Roam on Cycles Rides
One of the best memories in London for tourists would be to hire bikes and roam around in London. Best known as Boris Bike, this public lending of bikes is an amazing opportunity for the tourists to explore London pillar to post. Cycling the streets of London will provide you the best and most intricate exploration of this beautiful capital city. This enables the tourists to see the places which are always ignored by the bus or car tour. So if you want to go cycling along the streets of London, do explore the beautiful gardens of London like the Regent’s Park or the Richmond Park. You can also take a tour of the bankside streets of River Thames and enjoy the scenic beauty of the river on your bike.

London Museums
The museums of London exhibit rich history of Britain with its vast collection. The British Museum of London displays interesting collection of two million years of human history. The British Museum houses Egyptian mummies that has attracted thousands of visitors every year.  Another attraction is the Rosetta stone.

The Natural History Museum features a large collection of historical items and conducts interactive exhibitions and displays. There are many events and displays like Parasites Day, Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature and After Hours Dino Snores, are highly recommended shows for tourists and visitors. The museums display dresses, furniture, beddings and vintage items, typically used by the rulers of England. The collections housed inside the museums offer deep insights into the British history and how it made an indelible mark on the world map.

Shop to Drop
London is home to some the world famous shopping places like Borough Market, Portobello Road, Camden Market, Harrod and so many more. There are hundreds of stores to check and there is something for the tastes and preferences for everyone. You will find the major brand showrooms and up-market stores like Harrods in Brompton Road. There are many antique and vintage stores selling the best items of antiquity and art pieces. Hamleys, located on Regent Street, is the largest toy shop in the world where people can buy amazing toys for kids. The markets have a large number of pubs and restaurants to relax and energize yourself with delicious meals and drinks.

Pubs and Bars
London’s bars and pubs are the most happening places to enjoy the days and nights. The bars and pubs have a wide collection of wines, beers, cocktails, and other drinks. These places also host entertaining events like comedy nights and musical performances. Pubs of London are the best place to gather, sit back, relax, and enjoy the laugh and fun of the scene. You can go to Wandsworth and explore The Ship Tavern that is known for its history and antiquity. You can also grab a chair at Charles Dickens’ favourite purlieu in London called as Lamb &Flag that serves traditional pub cooking, ice creams, and cold drinks.

There are many beer gardens in London that are an ideal place to indulge in some boozing under the sunlight. The large gardens and their lush greenery attract many visitors to these places. The beer gardens house a large collection of drinks and snacks. The Canonbury Tavern, The Ship, The Dolphin, Earl of Essex, and The Crabtree are some of the best beer gardens in London. You will also find many bars near Grand Hotel Hyde Park London to enjoy great boozing.

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