A Perfect Guide for Newbies to London City

Whether you are planning on moving into the city permanently or whether you are visiting London as a tourist, we have for you the perfect guide of how to blend into the city of London as a Londoner does. This guide is for newbies who have never been to London city and it is their first time in this charming city. You may feel all alone in this big city, but the people of London are very friendly and hospitable people. We bring to you the perfect guide to make your life much easier in the city of London.

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Learn more about London etiquette and how to move about in the city and to get acquainted with the Londoners.

  • Blend in with the regulars of London:

It is quite easy to just blend in with the crowd of London and not seem like you are visiting for the first time. Most tourists make the mistake of taking out their Oyster cards after they have reached the barriers of the London tube and public transport facilities. All Londoners are aware that in order to utilize the public transport facilities, they keep them ready in hand even before they reach the barriers. This way they do not cause irritation and obstacles to the bystanders.

London cyclists have this habit of riding among the pedestrians even when there is a signal for stopping. Most London cyclists just zip past the red signals.

Another common happening is that Londoners on public transport facilities are ever ready to get on to them instead of enabling passengers who are already inside from getting off them.

Another useful tip is not to try and get onto already crowded trains and buses. Accidents happen when you do so. Wait till you get a much empty one to get on.

  • Rain spells in London are frequent:

Always be well prepared for a spell of rain. Rains are frequent in London at any time of the day and it is always best to carry an umbrella along with you wherever you go, so that you are not caught unawares by the rain spells in London city and you can reach your destination much faster with an umbrella or a rain coat.

  • Do some research on some of London’s most popular tourist attractions before actually visiting them:

It is always better to get your self acquainted with all the London attractions that the city has to offer you. This way when you actually visit these attractions you know a lot about them and you are easily able to identify them and make your way through the crowds. You can also hire a qualified guide to take you around the city to explore it better.

  • Check out alternate tourist attractions which are much lighter on your budget:

Acquaint your self with the prices of tickets at the tourist destinations that you desire to sightsee and explore. This way you are not caught unawares with extra or additional entry fees which would actually drain out your pocket. Most of the attractions in London are quite expensive. However, you will find much cheaper alternate attractions for you to visit all over the city of London. There are attractions to suit every taste and every budget.

  • Indulge in the local street food of London:

Tantalize your taste buds with the best of London Street Food found at every nook and corner of the city’s streets. They serve the best delicious and yummy food stuffs, some even better than the top restaurants in the city. You can indulge yourself on them once in a while.  You will also find that London city has varied street cuisines prepared by the people from all over the world. Sample a little of all the specialties you can get your hands on.

  • Shop at the local shopping centers like a true Londoner:

Shop fro your clothes, accessories and wares at the best shopping outlets and malls in the city of London. They have a lot of choices for you to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice. Some of the most popular shopping centers are located at Piccadilly, in Coventry Street, Regent Street, Lower regent street, and the circus road. You will find all of your need here right from basic necessities like fashionable clothes, shoes, hand bags to luxury items and house hold wares. Go on a shopping spree and invest on some of the best luxury watches and jewelry that they display for sale.

  • Visiting galleries and museums:

Acquaint yourself with what the museums and galleries have on display and when you reach there and find that they are packed with crowds, you can try out alternate museums or galleries which display almost the similar ones. This way you can save up on some precious time as well as take in the sights.

  • Kids-friendly tours:

If you are visiting London with your family which includes kids, then it is best to book accommodations which are very near to your tour destinations. This is because children tend to get tired very easily and mostly in the middle of a very exciting tour. This way neither you nor they will miss out on all the major attractions of London city.

Visit tourist attractions of London which are also fun filled and very kids-friendly. They will love to explore and enjoy the tour even more. Get your kids to participate in the fun filled activities like puzzles, quizzes and even thrilling outdoor games like white water Rafting at the Lee valley, bat tours, Pokemon tours, exploring Londinium which is the older remains of the Romans in London several decades ago. The Roman city of London still features some very real Roman artifacts. Your kids will love unravelling secrets of the old Roman city with you!

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