9 Top Beaches Of London To Be Visited During The Summer Time

Why most of the people visit to London? Of course the sightseeing places are the most attractive places for which people throng from all parts of the world. And apart from that it is the shopping centers of the place that attracts the shopaholics there. London is a perfect holiday destination considering its so many different elements that at once attracts the visitors. But have you thought about the beaches out there in London? While they may not be so much highlighted as compared to the royalty or the similar likes about this place, but the beaches holds all the elements to relax and rejuvenate you at once.

While the beaches are scattered in and around the city of London, you need to find a place for accommodation in such a place from where you can very well access all form of public transport. London being a very expensive place in terms of cabs will make you take the help of the public transports. So no matter what are your plans of visiting this city, make sure to stay somewhere in the heart of the city. There are a number of budget hotels in London and so you will not face any form of problem while trying to look for an accommodation out there.

Even if you are looking for some sort of luxury and comfort at the same time, the Park Grand London Hotels will be your most suitable place to stay. Right from the architecture of the hotels, which is very classy and will give you a feel about the royals to the elegant interiors of the hotel, which are very beautifully maintained, to the classy rooms, which are tastefully decorated, every single aspect, right from the start will ensure a pleasant stay in this city. Even when it comes to the hospitality and warmth of the hotel staffs, these are at par too. Overall, you will not find any scope to complain about a single thing when you have booked a room in this hotel.

Now coming to the choices of rooms of the hotel, you will have plenty of choice. Again, in order to make your stay a very comfortable one, there are a lot of complimentary offerings that are given to the guests. The rooms have all the modern amenities to sit and relax. And the biggest highlight is the restaurant and the bar that provides you every scope to enjoy an amazing platter of English breakfast and exotic collection of drinks respectively.

Sea Beaches Of London

There are so many beautiful beaches located in London, where you can just go for a stroll and relax or get engaged in some form of beach activities.

  • Camber Sands: This is a very popular beach and you can just spot this beach in a number of films. The sand dune of this place is very beautiful and this is what creates the biggest attraction. This beach is an ideal shooting location for the sand dunes that are stretched so long and can give you a feel of the desert. Make a visit to this place, walk barefoot on the sands and let the breeze touch you and emit its vibes on you, your moments in this beach is simply going to be a fascinating one
  • Brighton: The beach is beautiful enough and so are the dunes and the pebbles that mix with the sand and are stretched all along the path. However, you are not expected to get solitude in this place. As this beach is located in one of the top and posh town side, this beach always experiences the rush from the visitor. Anyway, sunbathe or just get energized in the pub and bars that are located close to it. Well, you can have some delicious platters as well
  • West Beach: This place has a real charm of its own. This beach is quintessentially British and on a visit there you can very well understand this fact. The landscape is amazing and during the sunset the whole appearance of the beach is simply glamorous and divine. Spot the cottages or see the fisherman trying their luck with the fishing boats, the whole experience cannot be expressed in words
  • West Wittering: Although, this is yet another a sandy beach but the grass in the middle of those sands gives this place a different beauty. When you are there, you can have an amazing view of the Chichester Harbor. Enjoy the beach by going for a picnic there or go surfing- choice is all yours. This beach is just a perfect place if you want to spend some time with your family
  • Botany Bay: It is no doubt that when you are there for a visit, the sight and the location will give you many jaw-dropping moments. This beach is considered to be the most photographed one in London and so make sure to capture some stills that are going to stay in your heart forever. You will have plenty of natural floras and faunas to see there
  • Hastings: This is yet another amazing beach that is located overlooking some of the finest British establishments. The town side surrounding the beach along with the amazing beauty of the landscape creates a special feeling in your heart when you are there
  • Dungeness: While this beach is also famous for its shingles and having a look of the desert dunes, but the beauty of this beach has an aura of romanticism. While the landscape will attract you even more, make sure to visit this beach with your special someone and increase your love bond even more
  • Mersea Island: This Island of Mersea should be visited by a foodie, who just wants to grab some bite of the delicious sea foods. With the beauty of the place and the quiet and serene environment and on top of that some real good food, this makes this place a perfect family place
  • Margate Beach: This is a very happening beach, where you can enjoy all form of beach activities, right from sunbathing, having delicious fish and chips, some water sports or just sit there and relax till your heart says you are done!
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