Wimbledon this 2017

This July if you have made some plans to spend sometime in the city of London and in case it happens to be in the Wimbledon week then you ought to know about the grand history about this whole event and how it came into being. There might be some differences with the fact that all may not be the serious fam =ns for these players but once you are hooked to  this name there is no looking back. The calendar should be booked for these events to start with  and this happens to be from the third of July to the sixteenth of July. Many people are scared of the fact that they might not be able to get tickets for this event but then it is always more enjoyable to watch it on the large screens outside  on the outdoor sport screens where you cannot miss the serves and detailing as well and the one which is being played live is streamed live too so you are not missing much except for the seating part.

The Wimbledon is played in the England tennis club one of the famous grounds and the most important part is the big screens which come to life whenever the game of tennis is on. In case you are unable to reach at the venue then you can always check for the viewing screens where you can easily sit and relax and enjoy the wonderful game of tennis.

The Wimbledon which is played in the All England Tennis club had come to being in the late eighteenth century times and since then the love and the viewership of this game has increased by leaps and bounds. The game has a spectatorship of more than five hundred thousand and every year the number gets bigger and bigger and this amount of spectatorship the Wimbledon season looks like a full-fledged festivity going on for two weeks. The topic to be watched out for during those times are how the players will be performing and who will be having an advantage on whom and on what grounds, It is serious business for those two weeks for enthusiasts and sport fanatics , it is completely on fire to say the truth an electrifying effect that embraces the whole city.

Wimbledon Museum
Since you are heading in this week it makes sense to be at the Wimbledon museum to take charge of this journey and educate yourself about the madness that has bitten people the multi-dimensional tour which takes you through the conventional and not so conventional sights and sounds is thrilling to watch out for and there you can see the names of the people who have recorded their wins in the tournament. For visitors the museum has interactive sessions which are engaging as well as good way of learning about this great event and the audio guides which are a privilege to the tourist are in different languages so that people do not miss out the fun they can be guided even in their own language a thoughtful gesture. All throughout the year the museum is open from ten in the morning till five in the evening except during the season and even before you have got a feel of things it gives you a chance to gear up to the thrill in the air.

 Wimbledon Village
Although the name might give you some fancy ideas but the best way to describe this place is a shopping hub where you can feel free to shop some chic looking stuff , sports paraphernalia and even stylised sports gear. This is more of a commercial centre for those who have some fancy ideas . There are a plethora of activities like the lawn tennis club, golf courses where you can play golf  or stables and enjoy a ride on the horse back. All of them are just not confined to the adults even the kids do have fun times. In case you had all the while been playing perhaps it is time to have some snacks or food the place is full of multi cuisine arrangements and you can vouch for anything of your choice along with that you can enjoy a fresh wine from the vineyards. The place means business and with people flocking here from all walks of life cannot miss out on the business part therefore it is good to take care of business as well during this time. The shopaholics can have a blast the list here is endless you can start shopping and you name it and you are bound to get it here starting from books, paintings, clothes, shoes to super market stuff everything is available in this village it rather is a misfit ti be called a village. The place is beautifully planned as you will not face a problem with the parking or there are places of worship were people can be at it one with their GOD. The hotels are also placed well for those of who wants to be freshened up along with nurseries and schools for children.

Wimbledon Common
Quite a common ground for all kinds of sport like the rugby or the cricket or the football there are facilities available for those who want to utilise these all that needs to be done is book the place in advance. The place also has a pond with a natural trail which is often enjoyed by people who kind of like to spend some alone time away from the hustle and bustle. My friends who are the Wimbledon fanatics have been putting up at the London Hotels Near Paddington and some were putting up at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate  although they love this thrill but the walk up till this Wimbledon mill through this trail path had been a memorable one which they thoroughly absorbed.

During the day time the place eats sleeps and drinks only this tennis festival but later during the nightly hours you can always walk up to some old traditional pubs like the Prince of Wales or the Swans where you can pour yourself a glass of drink and just relax.

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