Why You Need a Hotel Booking Engine for Your Hospitality Business

Booking engines relief a lot of stress and time out of making reservations for you and your potential customers; it gives you more time to run your business and allows you to be away from reception because it will make bookings and reservations for you 24 hours a day.

A hotel booking engine is a fully competent, self-managing system that will easily become an essential part of your business and it can be formatted to meet the needs of your hotel or restaurant. There are several reasons as to why an online booking engine is such an integral part of your business’s overall structure and why it is worth investing into; this guide lists just a small number of reasons as to why the need overrides the cost.

The Cost

When it comes to purchasing a booking engine, there are two options to choose from: you can either purchase one through commission or on a monthly subscription basis. Initially, you may be swayed more towards the commission fee structure, for example, paying 10% commission from each booking, however, even though at the moment the payments will be low, especially if you’re a new business, once it begins to pick up and more bookings start coming in, the commission will increase which could have an impact on your revenue. Choosing the standard monthly payment may hit you hard at the beginning but it will pay off in the long term because the rate itself doesn’t inflate with the more bookings your business takes; this allows you to put the extra money back into the business or to reap the profits.

Your Hotel Rooms

Software companies who sell booking engines have different pricing structures to cater to the number of rooms in your hotel. There is a pricing system that is arranged into different tiers; quite simply, the more rooms your hotel has, the more the booking engine will cost because there are more rooms to fill. If you run a large hotel, you will need a bigger system to manage your bookings so this is probably a foreseeable cost.

hotel booking engine


Like any company, it is important to check the fine print and the software company’s fees thoroughly before purchasing anything. Some companies will add additional charges to their booking engines such as charging for each user on the software itself. In the hotel industry, there are several jobs that may require access to the system, i.e receptionists, and so this could prove quite costly for your business. Look into having options installed to add on different user roles, this may save on costs.

Manage Your Channels

If you’re investing in a booking engine you will require a channel manager; the main channel manager models are Plug and Play and Add on. Plug and Play is by far the bets choice and offers better value for money due to it offering a standard fee. This gives your company access to hundreds of different channels which allows you to integrate and link your inventory over a wider network. Add on channel manager is where you pay the vendor each time you want your inventory to be set up with a booking channel. This leads to crippling pricing because there will be a set up fee plus additional ‘add-on’ fees.

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