Why hotel companies need to focus on how to raise mobile phone website traffic

Mobile devices are clearly the way forward when it comes to engaging customers to book a hotel property. The number of travellers with smartphones has risen dramatically in the last decade, which means that accommodation firms need to keep up. Tourists usually like to research a holiday on their mobile phones as it is much easier than on a desktop computer or laptop. Hotel companies must offer a brilliant smartphone website otherwise customers will be put off and perhaps decide to go elsewhere for a hotel room. Firms must create a top strategy on how to attract potential travellers to a hotel website through their mobile phones.

There seems to be a particular age demographic that chooses to use their mobile phones to look up holiday destinations and hotels. They are generally more likely to be millennials that are aged between 18 and 34. Another interesting point to consider is many tourists that are researching a hotel are usually from the area, as the popularity of staycations has increased. When hotel firms create a special promotion they must consider the demographic it is aimed at and tailor it according to that specific audience. What a potential traveller requires on a mobile phone is certainly different to what they would like to view on a desktop computer.

This is a very important lesson to remember as it can make all the difference when it comes to increasing bookings. Businesses must remember to engage with guests who have already reserved a room, as they will want to receive emails about directions, itineraries and general information about the residence. This enhances guest experience and the emails are usually something that can be picked up on a mobile phone. It is crucial a website is mobile-friendly meaning it is optimized for a smartphone and allows customers to view the site clearly.

Research has shown that a mobile phone customer spends less time on a hotel website than a potential guest using a desktop computer. Firms need to ensure the information a traveller needs is easily available on most web pages of a hotel site. For instance there has to be a call-to-action button that says something like Book Now, which takes tourists to the reservation engine. The buttons on all web pages should be large and loading time must be quick to encourage customers to want to book a room. There are many digital marketing companies in the UAE worth employing to allow a hotel business to achieve web success.

To help with a company’s online presence hotel firms can hire the brilliant staff members at Digital Arabia. They will work hard on creating a great website and making an effective online advertising strategy. This superb digital marketing agency is known for providing excellent solutions to ensure companies get a larger customer base. The experts have worked within a number of industries such as hotels, food and beauty. The staff members have improved many websites of firms who want to reach out to new customers. The top consultants at this agency will help to apply a fabulous web strategy to create higher profits.

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