What Makes London The Most Artistic City In The World?

London is known for many things, its Royal history, great and beautiful parks, its night life, the many restaurants and a lot of other things. The art scene in London is equally well known and it is home to so many artists and inspires many new and promising talents.

Here are ten reasons why London is the most artistic city in the world

The People

Londoners are very much into arts and culture and take great pride in the cultural heritage of their city with over 80% of Londoners saying access to high quality arts and entertainment is an absolute must for a good life. The people of London throng the arts and culture scenes during weekends. They take their arts very seriously.

Architectural Appreciation

As the city is developing with time, the developers make sure that the iconic landmarks of the city are not blocked by the skyscrapers. If you notice the buildings near the St. Paul’s Cathedral like the Walkie Talkie, Cheese Grater, you will see that they are weirdly shaped. It is just to make sure that the view of the cathedral is not blocked from any side and is visible from every angle.


London has as many as 857 art galleries and some among them, they are ranked at the top in the world. To get an idea just take a tour of the National Gallery or the Tate Modern or the Saatchi Gallery and you will see the myriad works of art spanning across countries, centuries and civilizations. You will need more than a week to visit all the galleries of London.

The Tate

The Tate Modern is the most popular art gallery in the world. It holds the national collection of British art from 1500 to present day, which includes international modern and contemporary art and their work ranges from conservation, research and media. Around 4.7 million people visit the Tate annually.


Londoners’ passion is not limited only to the visual arts. They take their literature too very seriously. There are almost 900 book shops in the city twice that of New York. Considering London’s literary history it is not that surprising. People still read books in London.

Literary History

London is home to some of the greatest writers and poets in the world and has inspired some of the greatest literary works, which includes Shakespeare and Wordsworth, who has composed ‘On Westminster Bridge’, which is a great tribute to a growing city.

Street Art

London has a very vibrant street art scene. If you have enough of museums and galleries, you might like to explore the street art scenario in London. You will find street art almost anywhere in London and it’s free. London boasts of best and biggest of works of the un-commissioned street art in the world, with a staggering array of work of art ranging from miniature sculpture to painted murals as high as several stories. Banksy, is one of the most famous street artists, who is anonymous and his stencil art is very highly rated. The Tate Modern hosted an exhibition of street art in 2008 raising public awareness for street art.


The theatre scene in London is very lively and there is much enthusiasm for theatre among Londoners. London has its own theatre street in West End, then the Shakespeare’s Globe and countless independent productions. Just think how lucky the Londoners are to have such amazing theatre scene right at their doorstep.

Film Star

Although, London is home to such high caliber arts and artists and great authors, who have penned so many great masterpieces, but the movie scene in also quite vibrant and London has been used as back drop for so many great movie productions from rom coms like Notting Hill to Skyfall, Harry Potter to Bridget Jones Diary. The movie stars from London movie industry are also famous all over the world like Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet and London produces some great movies as well.



London is not all about art galleries and museums and literary works, London holds so of the biggest festivals. All the year through London holds around 250 festivals on almost anything from carnivals to food festivals, cultural festivals to gay pride, you name it, you will find something or the other being celebrated all over the city.

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So this is the art scene in London! It is pretty impressive with all the famous art galleries and museums and street art and all. It is a paradise for the connoisseurs of art from all over the world. The theatres and the movie scene are also equally fascinating and impressive. If you are planning to explore the art scene in London remember the pointers given here.

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