West end shows in London

The west end theatre in the city of London is one of the most common term being used by the people who are involved in the theatricals or stage shows. Although the place may not be as robust or as big a name as the broadways yet this is the highest level of commercialised theatre that is existing in the city. Every year people from all across the world take a plunge and book the tickets for their favourite shows.

The central part of London has the Trafalgar square and it is here which is considered to be one of the places which would give public to speak aloud there mind and it is here where the locals would gather to protest or even celebrate  during the festivals. The place is one of the grand and glorious collections of the theatres and this is just not the artist’s gallery but it has helped London to rise to another pinnacle and internationally the city is well recognised by the kind of plays and performances given by these artists. Although it is not going to be a costly affair because during a particular time of the year the place is open and free for all those who love the art and the craft. The city is flooded while people from all walks of life and different parts of the world make it a point to be here to celebrate this beautiful festival of London theatre.

While the history of these west end shows dates back to the two thousand and six year that the Leicester square the idea of promoting the artists came in the mind of Robert Davis who would like to cross promote the art and the craft.

While few of my friends staying at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate were quite excited about watching the musicals at the West end they could not but stop themselves from buying a couple of more tickets and although it was not in their itinerary but then when in London you really cannot miss the theatres. He theatres in London also show case plays which are the adaptations of famous and not so famous novels, there are also shows done by the comedians. The comedy artists perform on the stage on a well-planned play along with that the directors do make it a point to show case their talent in the form of Drama to the audiences , as I remember my friends at the London Hotels Near Paddington  were equally thrilled and sitting at the edge while seeing the play which made it even more interesting that watching a movie onscreen. Some of the shows are also being showcased for less than pond twenty or thirty which will not burn a whole in the pocket and while this season has lot many shows which are falling under this criteria.

There are some tips that must be followed if you are on a budget trip and still you want to enjoy the theatre or the shows. Firstly to start with avoid the weekend shows which will be time consuming along with the price being quite high than the show which you watch in the middle of the week or the week night times this will be both economical and less crowded and most likely there will be no problem in getting the tickets.  While planning to watch a show do it in advance do not leave it for the last minute thing as it will help you to save as well as the seat selection is good you will have a wider range to select from if the planning is done ahead of schedule. As you pick and choose the theatre in whicgh you intend to watch the show go ahead and understand the layout of the theatre from inside this will provide you with a better understanding of the screen and the distance of the seats from the screen thereby helping you to make the best choice and while watching you will have minimum obstructions and watch it smoothly. There is a website online called the seat plan where you can easily view the seat and screen distance it is kind of a three D projection to the whole aspect. While planning do a comparative analysis of the same show in different theatres as there is a fair chance of some of the theatres showing the shows at a reduced price while doing this it is best to visit the official site and take charge of the rates there are times when sales are going on this can be a good bargain.

Now when we have a surge of internet in our homes we have almost forgotten as how to go and stand in the queue before the window to buy tickets and there are often chances that in case you directly go to the window to buy the tickets you stand a chance to buy standby tickets those are the ones either that have been returned to the counter or the ones which have still not been sold out. It is very much possible that you might not get the first opportunity here but then be prepared to race for the second or third screening if the need be.

In case you love the old plays be present at the Shakespeare’s globe this place is amazing as it sells around seven hundred tickets for each of the performance at a very affordable price of five pounds in total. The other attractive thing about these tickets are that they offer the best view of the play froim he seating area and you have such a groundling experience while watching the actors enact their roles.

Go for the fringe theatres if you have to as they are the ones held not in the venter of the city but in the smaller theatres or pub theatres and you also stand a chance of meeting the local celebrities as they showcase their talent.

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