View Some of The Unusual Collections of London’s Quirkiest Art Galleries

There is no doubt about the fact that London is the hub for art and culture with so many pop-ups about art galleries and museums being created consistently without a break. These venues in London have been used for showcasing some of the gems that this city has in store. From national history to contemporary art, London museums and galleries shoe it all. Some galleries are even known for their unusual and unexpected collection. However spontaneous nature always doesn’t mean that the collections are quirky. There are various galleries which have unexpected exhibits but are restricted. These galleries not only provoke the thoughts in your mind but also deliver an experience which cannot be easily forgotten. We recommend that you follow this blog and have an idea about the quirkiest art galleries in London that not only themed on individual character but also have unique content in them.

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Some Options for You to Check Out
London houses some of the most unusual collections in the quirkiest art galleries in the city. Here we will provide you with a list of galleries that you can visit to witness those collections.

• Riflemaker: Originally created as a gun workshop, this amazing art gallery takes its unique name from the previous occupants of the building. This gallery has gained a lot of fame as the first ever “human gallery” in the world, with its exhibition on body art and tattoos. Conducted by Lal Hardy and Cally-Jo, this exhibition though temporary created and ever lasting impact on viewers.

• The Old Police Station: Set in the midst of an old Edwardian Police Station, this quirky arts centre consists of a large number of different micro-exhibition which are self-made. It is in here that several students are encouraged to exhibit their artistic skills in the prison cells of the station. Also a radio station and recording studio, this centre for DIY arts creates a surreal atmosphere for its viewers.

• Resistance Gallery: A quiet alley beside Cambridge Road in Bethnal Green is the residence for a gallery filled with weird and unusual images. This art gallery features a collection of challenging and grotesque images from the underground and other groups. This collection is not meant for the faint heart just because of the sheer gruesome nature of the images. Also it consists of its own wrestling ring which adds to the quirky nature.

• The Wapping Project Bankside: After being relocated to Mayfair, Dover Street in 2014, this amazing art gallery still holds one of the top positions in exhibiting some of the greatest collection of fine art images. Although the nature of the collections is not as unusual as the other but the desire to exhibit talent without rigid characterisation is what makes this place special.

• Graffik London: Street art has been considered as one of the most important and credible sort of art for a long time and this gallery in Portobello Road shows us why. Featuring some of the reputed and finest work of famous street artists, Graffik London is an ideal destination for viewing the best of urban art. Though not as quirky, the devotion of the gallery towards art is appraisable.

• Rook & Raven: If you are interested in work of contemporary artists, we recommend a visit to this exquisite art gallery in Oxford Street. Specialising in exploring the influences of a contemporary society in human lives, this gallery features some of the best works of international artists providing a challenging perspective for the viewers. It is a hub for original and sectioned art works.

• The Crypt Gallery: The history of the crypts below St Pancras Paris Church dates long back to 1822 where they were used as a ground for burial of the village’s dead and also as a shelter in the world wars. The actual inauguration of the Crypt Gallery happened in 2002 and now it exhibits collections of contemporary art. The red entrance of the gallery welcomes the viewers to a world of unique thought provoking space.

• House of Vans: Home to London’s best parks for skating, this space plays the role of a concert house and runs several screenings, tour photos and rare crafts. Several workshops on model printing in 3D and lino printings are also provided.

• Chisenhale Gallery: Gaining fame as a forward-approaching gallery, this spot hosts various exhibitions in the span of a year. Featuring the works of many famous pioneering artists, this gallery is a must-visit site for tourists.

• Village Underground: This site is acts as a spot for several live performances and concerts and conventional exhibitions in the gallery. The main attraction is the 4 underground carriages in the roof, designed with graffiti.

There are many more unexpected exhibitions being created with unique content and unusual collections. With the help of this write-up, you will be able to learn more about these galleries spread across London City.

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