Tips to create a great cocktail

Cocktail making is not just for professional mixologists, even amateurs can hone their skills with practice. As with the art of being a great chef, once you get the basics in place the rest will fall into place.

If you want to create a stonkingly good cocktail like those served at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech City Hotel just follow these basic tips:

Get the right combination: In case you plan to use liquor that is similar in the cocktail, (rum & bourbon) you need to ensure that you use exactly equal quantities. The challenge arises when we need to combine those liquors that have different flavours. For this use half ounce of the stronger with an ounce and half of the weaker spirit.

The garnish does make the difference: You may come up with a fabulous concoction with the right ingredients and serve it. It will taste terrific for sure. However, if you want it to be exceptional and stand apart, you need to add the right garnish to give it that extra verve that makes it stand out from all the other drinks. Whether it is using slices of lemon or sprigs of celery just ensure that you use the right garnish which makes the cocktail look as well as taste good.

Make sure the ingredients are fresh: While there are plenty of readymade options to choose in syrups and juices, the fact is that creating your own will have an altogether different impact on the taste of the cocktail. Similar is the case with the ingredients you plan to use to garnish the cocktail. The lemon or celery you plan to use needs to be very fresh to give it that special taste. For this you can make a beeline to any of the farmers markets early in the morning in London. That is when you will get the freshest produce.

Get the right quality of liquor: There is a startling difference between the liquors stored on the upper shelves from those stored at the bottom in a store. Liquor, forms the major ingredient of the cocktail. The better the quality of liquor you use the better will be the taste of the cocktail. While it does not mean to spend a fortune on the most expensive brands getting some that is mid-ranged will also serve the purpose effectively. It will produce a fabulous cocktail that everyone will enjoy.

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