Things to do in West London

London has been a favourite holiday destination for tourists from all around the world. The western London is dotted with many beautiful spots that remain a bustling region throughout the year. Tourists come and stay at the most lavish accommodation Paddington London has to offer. You can choose a comfortable room at the popular hotel in Paddington like the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel and then roam around this beautiful capital city. The London West End has some of the following major attractions.

Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace is a royal residence in heart of Kensington Gardens in London. Originally it was used as place of residence by the British Royal Family. Presently it is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Palace rooms underwent renovation for two and were reopened in 2012, the time for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The Palace features a display of cutting-edge digital presentations, audio sequences and interactive experiences that bring alive the life you Royal residents of this Place. The display includes the antique furniture, gatherings of gowns and memorabilia. The palace also houses selections of Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe in 1950s, Diana, Princess of Wales 1980s.

The Palace features the objects and wardrobes of Princess Margaret, Queen Victoria and King George I and II. The Palace also host exhibitions to reflect the interest and choices pursued by the Princesses. Currently the Palace is displaying an exhibition that features the role played in the British Royal Family by three German princesses: Charlotte, Caroline and Augusta. The Palace has garnered 200 objects owned by the princesses, for the first time.  The highlights of exhibition include collections from Yale Centre for British Centre and royal collections of Denmark and Netherlands.

Personal possessions of the princesses such as the hand-embroidered needlework, pocketbook, and pastels of royal children will be displayed among other works.

Victoria and Albert Museum
The foundation of Victoria and Albert Museum was laid by Queen Victoria in 1899 and today it is the most magnificent museums of the world. The grandiose collection of the museum comprise innumerable pieces of furniture, paintings, posters, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery, textiles, dresses, metalwork and glass, resting from several centuries.

The highlights of the collection include seven cartoons of the artist Raphael made in 1515. They were painted as tapestry designs for the Sistine Chapel. The Museum houses some of the finest collections of Italian Renaissance sculpture,  the Adrabil carpet which is the world’s oldest and most splendid floor covering  and the Luck of Edenhall which a glass beaker from Syria and dates back to thirteenth century. The museum has fashion galleries that feature the 18th century court dress to the contemporary chiffon numbers. The museum also has Medieval and Renaissance Galleries and sculpture rooms. The museum houses a Rapid Response collection that features contemporary architecture and designs especially the ones that mark important events and current affairs.

Natural history Museum, London
It is the museum of natural history and houses an extensive range of specimens from various segments of natural history. The museum exhibits a vast range of specimens of life and earth specimens. There are five main collections that comprise some 80 million items. The five heads are botany, zoology, entomology, mineralogy and paleontology. The museum also houses a renowned centre for carrying out research in taxonomy, conservations and identification. The collections of the museum have great scientific and historical value. The museum is specially known for its dinosaur skeletons and architecture. The museum also houses specimens of Charles Darwin.

The museum also has a library which contains books, journals, artwork and manuscripts. The Museum has recently added a Darwin Centre which features storage of valuable collections. The most prominent and favourite of children is a high-slung replica of Diplodocus carnegii skeleton situated in the central hall. The replica is 105 foot long and was gifted by an eminent industrialist, Andrew Carnegie after a discussion with King Edward II.  After 112 years of featuring the display at the Museum, the replica was removed in 2017. It was replaced by an actual skeleton a giant blue whale.

Brompton Oratory
Brompton Oratory apes the Church of Gesu of Rome and was built in 1884. The Brompton Oratory boasts some genuine Italian fittings. It houses decorated, colourful ceilings at the helm of a 50 foot vaulted dome. It is also the first Roman Catholic Church to be built in London. Every Sunday, the Brompton Oratory sees more than 3,000 people gather at this place, which is the second largest Catholic Church in London.

Harrods is a luxury shopping destination for branded collections and service.  Spread over seven floors and 330 departments, Harrods houses finest products in fashion, food and technology.

Harrods has 17 boutiques committed to top-notch international brands like Prada, Dior and Valentino. Salon du Parfum has finest and most poise collection of fragrances which is exclusive to Harrods.

Shoppers have the most delicious selections of cafes and restaurants at their disposal in Harrods. Pizzeria steakhouse, Chai Wu and Oyster bar and the likes are the store’s 27 best eateries. The Harrods Food Halls have houses a wide selection of tea, fresh produce and chocolate.

Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall is a concert Hall in South Kensington, London.  Since 1941, it plays host to Proms concert annually each summer. It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 and since then many artists have performed in this hall. It has become one of the most distinctive buildings.

The Roof Gardens and Babylon Restaurants
Overlooking the Roof Gardens, the Babylon Restaurants offer award winning menus that features contemporary British cuisine. Juicy fish Sunday roasts and seasonal salads are its best.

West End of London, Covent Gardens
The west end is an area of London which has plenty of city’s tourist attractions like shops, buildings, amusement venues and businesses. Covent Garden has London’s top attractions like the Royal Opera House, Trafalgar square, Somerset House, Covent Garden Market etc. It is the popular destination for tourists who enjoy shopping, eating and merry making. There are many small but entertaining spots like the Opera Quarter, Seven Dials, Floral Street, St. Martin’s Courtyard and Neal’s Yard.

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