The 10 craziest food challenges in London

London has got some great food challenges for you to dare. There will be giant towers of cakes, foods all stacked to be eaten in no time. The challenges will require you to eat some huge heaps of chilli-stuffed snacks and it is not going to be easy. Some of the challenges do not allow you drink water till five minutes after the challenge is over, so if think you have what this challenge requires. Take it on these crazy food challenges.

1. The MeatLiquor Triple Chilli Challenge
MeatLiquor is a glorious, little slapdash restaurant which is more famous for its long tail-like queues than for its menu. The restaurant offers chilly-like bait for its customers to forsake the lines forever after completing its challenge called “Triple Chilli Challenge. This is one of the most popular food challenges of London. This challenge of wolfing down the dreaded condiment entails participants to gobble a chilli dog, a plate of chilli cheese fries and a jalapeno-topped burger in less than 10 minutes. If you can make it, you will never have stand in the line. So beat it and jump the queue for good. After the challenge you can go and relax at the Lancaster gate hotel London close by.

2. Wonder Cafeé Fry-Up
This challenge is not at all going to be a cake walk. Mind it; it has been beaten only once. This challenge is going to be gut-burning exercise. No is unaware about the English fry-up food and its health hazards. But for once, the participants shoo away this thought and shove their health on the back burner. You have got 45 minutes to gorge four black puddings, four eggs, four fried slices, and tomatoes, four slices of toast, six rashers of bacon, a single, six sausages and six hash browns. So the drill is crude and rough: choke your esophagus and win the battle. Wonder Café is situated in West London, on the outer edge.

3. The Red Dog Saloon Naga Viper Wings
You will have to wear plastic gloves and also sign a waiver. Sure to raise shoots of doubts of your survival. No! This food challenge is not going to kill you. But tell anyone about it and you’ll hear them say “over your dead body” a hundred times.

Hot wings served with cooling blue cheese, sudsy beer are a perfect meal. But not when they are painted with a sauce made from naga viper chillies, which are among the world’s hottest and clock in at .6 million Scoville units. Though the challenge of Red Dog Saloon requires you to eat only six wings, it is a great gastric distress for you. You are supposed to not drink anything for five minutes afterwards. Heavens help the participants!

4. The Two-Foot Sausage Roll at the County Arms
The snack that County Arms offers for its food challenge is a bombardment of your alimentary canal. They have changed the tasty sausage wrapped snugly in flaky pastry served with sausage roll for the challenge. The snack measures two about feet long. You have to beat the challenge in five minutes.

5. Porky’s Man vs. Ribs Challenge
Held on Wednesdays, this an American inspired challenge and you have eat a lot. This challenge has imitated something from Man v. Food‘s book and made a brand new Man vs. Ribs challenge at Porky’s. You just have to be gluttonous the mountain of food and you win. The challenge gives you a double order of ribs and a double order of fries to eat. You will get a T-shirt and a free meal for two if you are the fastest eater of the month.

6. Pho & Bun Food Challenge
The challenge involves eating Asian themed pork belly, vegetables and mango, prawn patties, beef patties all stacked between two steamed buns. This giant tower of food comes along with enormous bunch of sweet potato fries. You have to eat all of this in 15 minutes and you will get free meal, £50 voucher to spend on your next splurge. You will also get recei all stacked between two steamed buns. So the money vouchers you earn will balance your posh stay at places like Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel.

7. Bengal Village Phaal Curry
This challenge is a food bomb that will put on your bellies on fire. You must have heard about vindaloo. It is touted as the hottest curry in the world. It is a traditional dish and is made from a number of different chillies. So the challenge is crude and rough: you have to consume Bengal Village’s Phaal Curry which is like consuming fire. Though they do not serve it on their menu but they prepare for the food challenge. It is going to reduce your organs into ashes. But then, the phoenix also rises up from the ashes…if this phrase helps you to douse the fire in your mouth.

8.  Pride of Paddington Shepherd’s Pie
The challenge is to eat shepherd’s pie that is as big as a birthday cake and weighs four kilos. Given its mammoth size no has had the guts to take on this challenge.

9.  The Mac Attack, Dirty Bones
Dirty Bones is famous for serving hearty dishes, like the Dirty Dogs, which are coated with pulled pork, crispy bacon and jalapeno cheese. Their food challenge is called Mac Attack where you have to eat three beef patties, tomatoes and mac, BBQ pulled pork, salad and cheese all squeezed into brioche buns, served on a bed of dirty fries. If you are able to complete this giant meal in 10 minutes, then you get a novelty cap and a free meal. The cherry on the cake is your photo on their Wall of Fame.

10. Tinseltown Diner Challenge Burgers
You cannot even look at naga viper chilli let alone gorge it and other six capsicum-drowned wings. These daunted food challenges cannot be started by amateur participants. So the challenge burgers at Tinseltown Diner offer a starting point for new participants. The participants have to eat four patties alongside two sides and fries.

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