Six Of The Prettiest Streets In West London

London is a city which is full of surprises.  For a bustling capital city which is a hub of business and skyscrapers you wouldn’t necessarily expect there to be some many picturesque areas and yet from the secret gardens, wide open spaces and pockets of the city which almost feel like villages, there is actually more to the city than might appear at first glance.

West London is definitely home to some of the more attractive streets in the city and whether you want to just spend some time wandering around and see what you come across, or you want to visit some of the best streets then read on for some inspiration for where to begin your explorations:-

Farmer Street, Notting Hill

Farmer Street is an Instagrammers heaven with a mixture of brightly coloured and pastel houses all along the stretch.  It’s a little way from the main hubbub of Notting Hill to so you can really take your time and enjoy the views, and maybe stop for a picture or two at the same time.  One of the other great things about Farmer Street are the vintage VW vans which can often be found parked here; ideal if you are a fan of these well loved vehicles.  Notting Hill itself is pretty easy to get to, but the nearest tube station to Farmer Street is Notting Hill Gate station which is about a 2 minute walk away, if you are coming in from further afield.

St Stephen’s Mews, Notting Hill

Another good offering from Notting Hill: this time a street which at first glance might not look like all that much.  On one side you have high fencing but turn around and there are some beautiful and brightly coloured houses which really draw the eye and just cry out to be captured on camera.  From a hotel such as The Piccadilly London West End Hotel it shouldn’t take you too long via public transport to reach Notting Hill and you could take the time to visit a number of the streets here, with St Stephen’s Mews high on the list.

Royal Crescent, Holland Park

The stretch is a Grade II listed street which consists of two curved facing terraces in a crescent shape.  It is on the north side of Holland Park Avenue and home to some of the most sought after property in the whole of the city.  Once you find yourself wandering down this street you will quickly see why; it isn’t just the beauty of the houses themselves although the porticoed entrances and first floor balconies with iron railings are enough but the entire street is just so well laid out.  Between the houses there is a landscaped communal garden with large lawns and trees to be enjoyed as well.  Be sure to look at the houses on the end of each crescent with their rounded corners, something else which helps to make this street that little bit more stunning.

Lennox Garden Mews, Knightsbridge

Moving away from Holland Park now towards Knightsbridge, although still within easy access of any of the Shaftesbury Hotel Collection and you will find Lennox Garden Mews.  Again, this mews is home to some wonderfully coloured houses with pastel yellows, pinks and blues to draw the eye.  It is a cobbled street tucked away behind Lennox Gardens which offers a level of privacy but it is still worth taking a wander down this street if you are planning to be in the area.  Lennox Gardens itself became a little more well known in 2014 when a two-bedroom flat which had been designed ‘as though Sleeping Beauty lived there’ was put on the market for £1.7 million.  Lennox Garden Mews is a little more understated than that but being in such close proximity to luxury department store, Harrods, you would be right in thinking it would cost a pretty penny to live here.

Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill

Kensington Park Road is a main stretch of road through Notting Hill and one you are likely to walk down, even if you weren’t particularly planning to explore here.  It can also boast a number of the best restaurants in the area as well as a number of wonderful attractions including the Vessel Gallery and Ladbroke Square Garden.  If you are visiting London during late spring and summer make sure you look out for the magnolia blossom which is when the street really comes into its own.

Trevor Square, Knightsbridge

Trevor Square is a private and historic garden square in the heart of Knightsbridge which is home to some of the most expensive properties in the city.  Although it is private, it is still possible to visit and one house in particular has proven very popular with Instagrammers and those who love to capture and share their travels around London on social media.  Look out for the white house with the pastel pink door and shutters and join the ranks of photo takers who have come before you with a quick pose on the steps outside.

Of course, these aren’t all of the streets worth visiting in the city.  There are a number of others which are picturesque because of their stunning architecture or chosen exteriors.  Other streets you might want to consider looking up in West London include Bywater Street in Chelsea along with Ledbury Road and St Luke’s Mews in Notting Hill.

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