Popular outdoor lidos in London

If you are an outdoorsy type who loves to spend time outdoors London is just the city to spend a holiday. There are numerous outdoor attractions for adventure seekers to revel in. If you visit London in the summer there are a host of outdoor public pools and lidos where you could take a dip, when the mercury soars.

Whether you stay at any of the hotels near Moorgate or in any part of central London you will never be far from an outdoor pool.

If you are looking for a great place to stay in the centre of the city, The Montcalm at the Brewery London City hotel would be a fine choice. Affordably priced with the best of amenities and facilities, it is a great place to stay in luxury at a cost effective price.

Some of the best outdoor pools to visit in London are:
Parliament Hill lido at 16 Street:  If you are looking for a pool that offers swimming only for adults the 60 metre pool at Hampstead Heath is the place to visit. There are adults only swimming sessions held every Monday, Thursday and Friday. The pool is well maintained and clean and there always are lifeguards present for any emergency. If you feel like grabbing a bite after a swim there is an onsite cafe to dine at.  The pool at Parliament Hill is unique in that it is the sole outdoor pool in the country with a stainless steel liner. As a result the water has a metallic hue in the right light conditions.

Brockwell Pool: The pool at Brockwell is one of the best in city with an authentic Olympic size pool, an indoor cycling track, a hydrotherapy centre and even a gym. Once you have had a dip in the pool and are feeling peckish visit their beautiful art deco cafe that serves, brunch, breakfast, lunch a great English afternoon tea or drop by in the evening for a lavish dinner. It opens to the public from Tuesday to Saturday. If you visit the place in summer you can enjoy some great movie screenings as film night are on all through summer. A fabulous pool with amazing amenities Brockwell pool is very popular with visitors to the area.

Hampstead Heath ponds:  While Hampstead Heath is wonderful place to enjoy the stunning landscape and sheer beauty of nature, one of the most prominent attractions in the area are its popular swimming ponds. Besides the lido at Parliament Hill Lido, Hampstead Heath is home to three ponds. There is a mixed pond, one for women and a pond for men. The ladies pond allows users to bathe topless.  If you are with the family the mixed pond is the ideal place to go for a dip. However, if you are alone and want to escape the noise and chatter of kids splashing in the pool the segregated pond is a better option.

Oasis Sports Centre: Located on Endell Street, it is a short stroll from Holborn and is the only outdoor pool in the West End area. While it is approximately only 30 metres in length, it is rooftop and heated that makes it a popular choice with locals. With a swell location it stays open till 10 pm on weekdays. If you feel like doing some extra activity apart from a swim, there are two fitness studios where you could join a class of pilates, yoga or any other fitness activity organised at the venue. There even are three squash courts to play on if you fancy the sport.

The Serpentine lido: Located at picturesque Hyde Park, the Serpentine Lido is one of the best outdoor pools to swim in Central London. It offers spectacular views of the incredible landscape with plenty of trees, a pavilion and even a glimpse of some of the skyscrapers of London. The water is clean, checked periodically and the good news is that the pool is relatively free of crowds, a surprising fact considering that Hyde Park has a steady stream of visitors. The only occupants you probably would have to contend with are its resident swans and ducks, but they are rather friendly and used to having people in their pool. Kids have access, and so are wet suits allowed (if things get a bit chilly). There are plenty of kid oriented play areas with a slide, swings, a paddling pool and even a climbing frame. If you want to have a bite or a drink, head to the Lido Restaurant or the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen.

Park Road Pools and Fitness:  One of the best public pools in the area with a hefty £8m spent on renovation it is a terrific place to visit. With an all new makeover and brand new facilities it is one of the better public swimming and fitness venues in London. The pool is 50 metres in length with the surrounding area scenically landscaped. A family friendly swimming pool the atmosphere is terrific and a great place to have a swim. They shut down in winter and opening times are subject to weather conditions, so you would have to phone before you visit.  It also closes during the lunch hour from 1pm to 2pm. With a great cafe, kids play areas, a health suite and a gym it is definitely recommended.

London Fields: If you fancy a swim in an outdoor pool when the weather is chilly, head to the open air Lido at London Fields that is heated. Apart from swimming they host various other fitness activities including the rather unique aquarobics, fitness sessions and of course yoga. There are swimming lanes for children and the family as well. After a swim you can popover to the cafe for some great food and refreshments.

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