Making Your Hotel Business More Direct

When it comes to business, there may be some tips and tricks that you didn’t know about or some simple strategies from yesteryear that have completely slipped your mind but that are just as effective now as they were back in the day. This guide looks at the basics and gives some tips on how to make the most of your website and business.

Straight to the Point

You and only you should offer the best prices for your rooms. Customers who decide to book direct with you should get the very best deal so that future customers will know that to get the best price, they have to come directly to your website. If a third party site is offering a much better deal for your hotel, it will begin a trend where potential guests will look elsewhere to find cheaper prices for your hotel and you will not receive many booking direct to your website. This also means that you will be constantly paying third party sites whereas if you are offering the best deals direct to your customers from your own site, there may come a time where a third party site is not needed. Always set your OTA prices higher but only marginally, this will give a clear indication where the deal lies and will attract custom directly to your site.

Another way you can promote your website to encourage customer to book direct is by giving them a list of reasons why booking with you is much better. For example, a hotel booking engine may offer monetary discount whereas you could offer free parking, free use of amenities and a free breakfast which would equate to a much better saving.

Your Website is the Key

Your website is your crowning glory; it is the first thing that a prospective customer will see and therefore it is incredibly important to get it right to make the right impression. The most crucial thing is your content; you must make sure that the content is a true reflection of your hotel i.e that everything you offer on the website still holds true. If an item or service is no longer available, it needs to be removed from the website. It is important to constantly check that your rooms that are available on your website are in fact available in your hotel and that you’re not double booking rooms that are available on your own website and OTA sites; this could cause some big problems and loss of custom. Only offer a few rooms on an OTA site, this way you can control the bookings more accurately as well as gaining more of a profit from direct bookings.

Mobile is the Future

It is essential that you make your website mobile friendly, if it isn’t then you are losing out on very valuable custom. Mobiles have become lifelines and so everything is now done through them including food shops, emails, banking and booking holidays and hotels. If your website doesn’t accommodate mobile phones, you will lose your customer as they will not spend the time scrolling through your website to book when they could go to another website and be booked in within minutes. Mobile bookings are the future so, if you haven’t already, it is time to adapt your business.

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