Lots of Things Meant for the Teens in London

London is the best place for the kids and the teens. There are several interesting and fun based activities meant for the age group. When your child grows up he would like to try several new things. This is when London becomes an interesting ground for self and team exploration. In fact, there are lots of things in London to keep the toddlers and the teens happy at the same time. London is always a cool place to explore and here you are sure not to fall short of entertainment. The city is filled with the best of attractions to help you explore and experiment with the right spirit.

You have some of the best Hotels in West End London. One can enter the shop to buy clothes for both the sexes. In fact, when you are in London you would indeed want to buy something for your best friend to take back home. For the reason you can visit the Top Shop on the Oxford Street and one can even take part in the great and the most exciting High Street fashion. This is the flagship store where you are sure to discover the best. The store is massive and this is the right place for you to spend some time in case you don’t have anything else to do.

Once you are near to the Carnaby Street you can be at one of the plenty cool stores at the place. When you are at the end of the Oxford Street you can easily discover the enormous branches of the Primark and this is the destination for you to buy from the assortment of the cheap and the stylish clothes. However, one should take a chance with the street markets. In the lot Camden Market is always going to be a great hit.

As a teen in London you can at best be a part of the Street Art Walking Tour. Most people in London call this graffiti and you simply have some of the great street arts at display. In East London you will always find the walls changing each day. In the way, the new and the talented artists are appearing on the scene and they always have the best things in offer in order to tingle your artistic sense. To make an idea you can go through the street art photos and this will help you understand the standard of the art work.

In order to have the best experience with the street art you can follow the suggested walking route and in the process you can even take the help of the guide and he is the best man to guide you rightly. Teenagers always prefer to enjoy the art of photography. They are always in look of an opportunity to take some of the finest shots of London and post them on the Facebook. This way, they can simply display their skill on social media and gain admiration. This is the coolest way one can really fall in love with the city of London.

clueQuest in London is great fun and this is done by teams including 3 to 5 people. This is the sort of live escape gaming and once you get locked inside you have 60 minutes in hand to get yourself free. To play the game you always have to work in a team and this will help in the process of solving the puzzles and the codes in style. In order to accept this challenge you should be more than nine years of age and this will help you with the sort of maturity to delve in the depth of the activity.

Just like clueQuest you have the game of Escape Hunt. This is another game where you have to escape from the locked room and in the mode of gaming it is important for you to follow the Sherlock Holmes-style theme. As part of the game you have ten rooms in totality and you are made to deal with the three varied scenarios. This is when you can have the competing teams and all of them would be trying the same task in all the different compartments. This is a game of fun and nerves and one would be happy to solve the riddle in time.

The Piccadilly London West End is a cool place for the teens to visit. Most of the time, both the teenagers and the adults would prefer to get scared. When you grow up you still have goose bumps when you think of the places you were afraid to go as a kid. This is a sort of scary thrill and the excitement can be best felt when you grow up and enter the perfect age. However, to know more you can go through the photos and now you know what to expect.

There are lots of teens and kids who would prefer to try the London dungeon. This is the most giggly and the scary place and this is the great destination to make you feel the genuine adrenalin rush. There are even actors to make things look live and in action. So be ready to be on the move with the scary lot. In London you can even stick to the spooky theme and during the evening walk you can enjoy the fun of learning the tales of Jack the Ripper in Victorian London.

This is an option for the older kids in London. There is the walk to make you follow the streets of London and these are areas near to the West End where the murders have happened and the guide of the tour will not hold back with the sort of gory details required in the process. They will make you learn about everything and allow you to feel the thrill in action. This is something highly exciting and as a teen you would really love the scary and the sort of secrecy involved in the action based theme of the incidents.

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