London Tips: Spend Best Days in London on a Budget

London never fails to surprise. London never fails to impress. He who says he’s bored of London is actually bored of life. One city and so many things to do! What more could you ask for! But every coin has two sides, and London has that expensive side to it as well. But that shouldn’t scare the wanderer in you! Some useful tips and a little bit of smartness could take you a long way into saving those valuable pounds and still not miss on any of the fun things you plan to do in this wonderful city. So read on to find some hidden treasures on how to spend the best days in London while keeping those purse strings tight.


Find a good place to stay

The first and most precious memory of any place is your stay. A pleasant and memorable one can leave a good impression of the place you stayed in, forever. All of us want luxury at economy, don’t we? Let’s peep into the London hotels Special Offers. The place that tops the list is the Marble Arch by Montcalm London. It’s a contemporary boutique hotel situated right in the heart of London. The USP of this beautiful property is its ideal location. With the Marble Arch tube station being a stone throw away, you can leisurely walk down to the famous Oxford Street when the shopping bug hits you! In mood for some touristy stuff? Head to the nearby Hyde Park, the British Museum or the Tussauds London. The Marble Arch boasts of contemporary accommodation facilities and has excellent customer reviews. The unmatched location and the friendly staff make you look no further. So the next time you plan to visit London, do give this wonderful place a shot and make those memories all the more priceless!


Choose your flights wisely

While there are specific periods when the flights to London are the cheapest, there are other hacks too in order to fly cheap to your favourite city. Firstly if you plan to travel to London any time between the months of December to March or September to November start, the flights are already cheap and you can manage to grab the best deals. But if you plan to fly out during the peak months, remember to book in advance, keeping an eye on the best deals. The British Airways offers one of the cheapest flights to London. The brownie point: you can shop around the duty free stuff at Heathrow Airport! You can choose from other budget flights like the easyJet, RyanAir, AirBerlin, German Wings and the WizzAir.


Be Tube savvy

The tube or the railway system is surely one of the cheapest, fastest and the most convenient way to travel in London. The Docklands Light Railway, the Underground or the Overground Rail system are the three components of the tube system. They start plying at 5:30 in the morning to post midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Night Tube runs continuously at even lower fares than usual. Save even more money by opting for the contactless card,

The Oyster or the weekly or monthly Travelcard.

Note that during the peak hours the fares are higher than usual.


Get to know the supermarkets

If you intend to stay a bit longer in London then don’t ignore the benefits of stocking up supplies or grabbing that quick meal from the supermarkets nearby. Many of them, especially the Sainsbury’s, have a great selection of pre-made, ready to eat packed lunches for as less as two pounds! The main highlight is healthy and tasty lunches and super clean stores. Even closer is the Tesco Express, the Greenvalley, and the Waitrose supermarkets that offer quality wholefoods at attractive prices. Looking for some mouthwatering and freshly handmade sandwiches? Walk down to the nearby Le Supermarche and grab them for as little as one pound and twenty cents! In love with the Japanese culture and cuisine? The closest store to the Marble Arch is the Japan Centre to grab the Japanese Groceries, magazines and other stuff at an economical price. So get going, get smarter and save the pounds for other fun activities while still not compromising on quality food.



The London Pass basically gives you a free access to more than sixty attractions in the city. It also includes a free one-day tour on the hop-on hop-off buses. On a single pass you get to see the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Kew Gardens and many more. Guess what? You save upto twenty pounds just after visiting any three attractions amongst the numerous options with the London Pass. You have free access to the Thames River Cruises too! Skip the long queues at some of the busiest attraction with this magic pass. Still want more? Well the London Pass lets you access some awesome deals at popular restaurants and eateries across the city! It’s a total win-win situation for you!


Take a walking tour

Along with saving those extra bucks, if you wish to soak up the view and beat the jam, walk the talk with London. It’s free, healthy and eco-friendly. Most of the landmark locations in London are a stone throw away from each other. The city has a pedestrian friendly environment and useful apps like the Google maps can make this journey even more convenient!


All said and done, London, despite being the costliest city in the world can be travelled on a budget with these useful hacks. A smart traveller trots the globe with an edge and lots of apps!


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