How to Have a Great Time in London All Alone

London has so much to offer that it is very difficult even to fathom out the extent of its offerings. Moreover, it is a vast metropolis which is teeming with its local residents, large number of immigrants and visitors, both tourists and businessmen. As such, there is no dearth of things to see and do and you will never feel alone in the midst of the vast multitude of people all around you. If ever you find yourself alone, there is a plethora of amazing things that you can do alone in London. The city with its myriad of attractions is there for you to explore as you like. A few of the most popular things to do alone are mentioned below.

Shop & Sample at a Market: There are markets galore in London, both big and small, and catering to different needs. Some of these markets are the best in the world, such as Broadway, Maltby Street, Camden, Borough and Greenwich and some markets are located close to each other. If you are alone in London, you can easily spend your time by either window shopping or browsing, tasting, haggling, and sightseeing at any of these markets or you can shop to your heart’s content. It will keep you busy and give you an opportunity to treat yourself without spending too much money. You can buy flowers at Columbia Road Flower Market or food ingredients at Borough Market. You can find food items from all over the world, including fresh ingredients and raw necessities. You can also eat food made by world-famous producers as well as explore the vintage stalls for hidden gems. You will not feel lonely even for a minute.

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Take a Self Guided Tour: If you take a self-guided tour, you can do so at your own pace and you can delineate your own route depending on the places that you would like to see. You can go on a Sherlock Holmes trail, or follow the footsteps of Harry Potter. It is best to download an app that will guide you around. If you wish to be in the company of others, you can book a place on a tour and you will travel alone but can have interaction with others. You will have the facility of a knowledgeable guide who can provide all information regarding the places that you are visiting. You can also take a bus tour that will allow you to travel the city for the whole day. Apart from tourist buses, you can take Route 24 24 (Pimlico to Hampstead Heath), Route 11 (Fulham to Liverpool Street) and Route 9 (Aldwych to Hammersmith) which are best for sightseeing.

If you wish to stay in a strategic location while visiting London, your best bet would be to stay at Lancaster Gate Hotel London as you would be located in close proximity to the various attractions of central London.

Or Join a Walking Tour. The best way to explore a city is to take a walking tour as you will get the real feel of the city and get close to locals and be able to explore various attractions. There are many organised tours, some of which might take you to more obscure locations to give you a deep insight into the place. You will enjoy being alone although there will be other people with you with whom you can interact if you feel any need for the same. There will however be no pressure to make friends and you can enjoy your tour all alone but with the help of the guide.

Take Your Favourite Book on a Day Out: It is often said that a book is a man’s best companion and as such if you have your favourite book with you, where is the need for further company? Even if you are in the hustle and bustle of London, you can find a cosy place to relax with your favourite book. You can even visit a library and explore the books stacked up there.

Learn Something New In a Workshop or Short Course: Life is an unending process of learning, as the more you learn the more are the opportunities for enhancing your skills. A city like London has so much to offer for people who wish to learn more, such as Tap Coffee’s free home brewing workshops, the London Life Drawing Society’s life drawing meetups, meditation workshop at Innerspace in Covent Garden or taster courses and recurring creative workshops at City Academy or City Lit. The other options are improving your hula-hooping skills, attending the extraordinary weekly master-classes by Indytute, or attending lectures at universities or colleges. You can attend workshops that are available for different learning levels and learn anything that interests you from divinity to astronomy.

Catch a Film: Many people enjoy watching a film alone at the cinema as it gives a cosy and delightful feeling which enables them to express their emotions only to themselves and not sharing them with others. They find it to be the coolest and the most delightful thing to do. There are plenty of lovely independent and mainstream cinema venues in the city where you can spend an afternoon all alone while watching your favourite film. In a dark cinema you can have a wonderful time without a care in the world. Relaxing in one of the armchairs or sofas, you can enjoy Harry Potter or see ‘Gone With the Wind’ if you like retro classics.

Start your Saturday with the Fulham Palace Parkrun: On a Saturday, you can participate in the free Fulham Palace Parkrun. It is an organised run for a wonderful workout and for enjoying a great view.

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