How Google is helping hotel firms improve bookings through its special features

Hotel companies in this modern digital age have to use a number of technological advances to reach customers. Times have changed and companies have to make sure their websites are absolutely first-class. Major search engine Google can be helpful to accommodations as it has become very supportive in aiding businesses to become successful in the competitive travel industry. Firms ultimately want to increase the amount of direct bookings they get from customers to maximise profits, and Google can help them with this particular endeavour. It is Google+ Local where all hotel companies must be listed to be able to reach new customers.

Businesses need to include as much information as they can on this listing including the hotel address, phone number and URL of the accommodation website. There must also be plenty of beautiful images of the residence, as well as short videos that could entice tourists to head there for a holiday. Any details uploaded on there needs to be current and relevant to what this section is about. Firms should also connect the information to the company’s Google+ page to add further picture galleries and videos. The Google Carousel is a great feature that shows a horizontal row of pictures at the top of the search results page.

If an accommodation appears on here it gives that property a huge advantage over other residences, as customers will definitely want to learn more about the hotel. There is no special advertising budget needed for this as the search engine just takes the information already put up on Google+ Local. Something that has been around for a while but is very useful is Google Hotel Finder, which allows customers to check room availability, rates and reviews. This feature gathers details from paid and free sources including Google Maps and information from Google+ Local to add photos and information to the search being made.

It is clearly very important for accommodation companies to know what they are doing when it comes to these helpful online tools. Google is trying its very best to gather information to aid companies, so hoteliers have to train themselves and staff members to understand. They can then enjoy the higher web traffic it will potentially bring to the residence’s website, which will naturally result in raised revenues. Companies should think about hiring the services of a great hotel internet marketing company who can help with advertising strategies to gain new guests. They can aid firms in creating a loyal database of travellers for the long term.

Companies should consider employing the excellent consultants at Booking Direct who can help create a magnificent bespoke website that is appealing to the public. The experts at this marketing agency work closely with clients to learn about what makes them special. They will put all the information they find out on the hotel website making it completely relevant to the firm. The consultants can help with creating brilliant social media profiles, and engaging the buying public to make a reservation. They will encourage companies to use the right kind of advertising to appeal to potential guests to ensure they become loyal for the long term.

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