Few Bizarre Things to Do in London

If you are visiting the capital city of England for the very first time then you will surely have top notch touristy attractions in London in your itinerary. Usually it is a must for every visitor to catch a glimpse of the Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and London Eye etc. This is because these are some of the well known landmarks representing the city. But, to everyone’s surprise the city of London is not only about these popular hotspots, perhaps there is a lot more attached to it. These unusual and offbeat places are not explored by much, but are worth not to be missed.

Visit London and I am sure you will be short of time for things to see and to do. From a travellers point of view The Grand London Paddington Hotel is the most suited accommodation option especially for those who love to try out different things. What about if you have already visited the well known attractions? Have you ever thought of witnessing a strange museum? There is no dearth of bizarre things to do here. Some of the quirky ones are listed below:

Moo Canoes
Kayak down the river Thames in a two or three vessel. It is decorated with a black and white cow print. There is no harm in trying this amazing mode of transport and is part of the watery sightseeing tour. For those who wish to discover the city through water can opt for plenty of waterway routes. If you are thinking that a prior kayaking experience is required for this thing to do then you are mistaken. The trip is all suitable for beginners.

Hunterian Museum
By now you must have visited science, British and Natural History museums, but have you tried visiting a completely offbeat museum in London? It is the Hunterian museum which holds unparallel collections of both human and non-human anatomical and non anatomical models, specimens, instruments and paintings etc. The museum also includes zoological specimens. A surgeon and anatomist John Hunter assembled all this on which the museum is based.

The collection at Hunterian comprises of over 3500 pathological preparations, drawings, fossils and paintings etc.  It has been mentioned as one of the weirdest museums in the UK.

Anchor Bankside
How about trying out some quirky bars and pubs in South Bank, London? The London Borough of Southwark has Anchor Bankside which is a pub that was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London in the year 1676. Today, this well known quirky bar serves classic British fare and is open seven days a week. There is a terrace bar which directly overlooks the prominent River Thames. What actually make this pub interesting is that its gruesome history. Many people believe that the pub actually stands upon the site of a Roman grave and a plague pit which dates back to 1603. These days this London pub allows you to get the actual feel of the capital city.

Notorious Public Execution Site
Now, this is something really weird. There is an execution dock that has remained there since ages now. Since it was an Execution dock it was used to execute mutineers, smugglers and pirates who the Admiralty courts sentenced to death. The shoreline of River Thames is where the dock was located. The last execution here took place in the year 1830. The invaders coming to the capital city via the Thames were executed here. You will be surprised to know that the body of Captain kidd who was a popular Scottish pirate hung at the docks for almost three years.

To anyone’s interest this is surely one of the weirdest things to see in London.

For a traveller just like it is good to visit the unusual London attractions, it is ideally good to take pleasure in staying at one of the captivating hotel that is the Paddington Hotel London.

The Hidden Treasure of Kensington
Visitors generally love to explore the hustle bustle of the beautiful green spaces in the city, Hyde Park etc. In this case the splendid roof garden of Kensington remains hidden. There lies a magnificent roof garden covering an area of 1.5 acres on Kensington High Street in Central London. The area is so big that it is divided into three themed gardens namely Spanish garden, Moorish style and Chusan palms. In the woodland garden there are 30 different species of trees available. One can expect to catch glimpses of beautiful birds including flamingos and exotic ducks. The best part about this hidden gem of the city is that there is a free entry to it.

Dare to Go down to London’s Biggest Slide
This real thing to do here will for sure fascinate adventure lovers. Many people don’t know that London boasts of one of the biggest slide which is the highest as well as the longest. It is also known to be the tallest art work in the UK. Carten Holler a German artist constructed this one in order to commemorate the Paralympic and Olympic Games. Generally a science fiction film will have a structure like this and is made out of steel all over. There is an observation deck too from where you can actually catch a glimpse of the real beautiful London. The opening time of the slide is from Monday to Friday and starts from 11am till 5pm. However, on weekend it starts little early and is open till late in the evening.

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