Engage In Some Form Of Activities In London In Your Twenties

Visiting London is in the checklist of several adventure seekers and tourists. Especially when you’re young and free, and single, then visiting London could be the best things that you could ever do in your entire life. The vibrant and thrilling atmosphere of the City is an ideal option for today’s youth. The long list of activities and adventures in London are the perfect pass time for the young people. Therefore, if you are young and single, we certainly recommend you to make a trip to the adventurous city of London and experience all that it has to offer to its visitors.

However, if you are new in the city of London and want to experience the sights and sounds of the city, it would be a better option to opt for a suitable place for accommodation first. No trip is considered eventful if you do not have a place to crash in for the night. Fortunately, London has a variety of luxury boutique hotels spread in the different corners of the city. These hotels excel in providing the best of facilities and comfort to its visitors. The luxury hotels London City houses are certainly the best choices for tourists and travellers. The hotels being close to the main Tube stations of the city have excellent transport links all through the City.

Although there are so many options available for luxury hotels in London City, the one that has gained several accolades and the adoration of the guests is The Montcalm Brewery Hotel on Chiswell Street London. This boutique hotel situated in ta quiet corner of Central London, combines the world class services of their staff and hospitality to create the perfect living environment for its visitors. The suites and the rooms are tastefully designed by the best of workers and the facilities such as complimentary Wi-Fi and LCD are worth a mention. The restaurants of the hotels provide its guests with a wonderful palate of scrumptious dishes and the bar offers exotic drinks for its guests. Apart from these qualities, the hotel also consists of a fitness room for gym enthusiasts and a conference room for business meetings. Among so many other hotel options, this boutique example proves to be a worthy choice of accommodation.

London’s Exciting Things for People in Their Twenties

London is a perfect place to be in your twenties. Not only do you learn about the history and heritage of the city but you also get to experience the cool and awesome things that are part of London. Mentioned below are some of the coolest activities which are meant for people in their twenties.

• Slide down the World’s Tallest Slide: One of the most talked about attractions in London City is the highest slide at the Arcelor Mittal Sculpture, where the visitors get to experience the thrills of a ride so high, it will certainly give you shivers. Not for the faint-hearted, this 178 metres high slide is surely one of the things you could try out if you are in you twenties.
• Take to the Stage at Hip Hop Karaoke: Who doesn’t like Karaoke? This famous game is the ultimate favourite for teenagers and adults alike. However a certain venue in the streets of Soho, known as the Hip Hop Karaoke requires the talents of the young. So for people in their twenties it is recommended to try out their skills of rapping and Hip Hop in this special Karaoke joint.
• Lose a Saturday to the Bottomless Brunch: Not trip to London is considered to be complete without having a taste of the bottomless brunches offered in several brunch houses of London City. Certainly the rage in today’s world, bottomless brunches should be a top priority for every tourist. The utmost peace of having Eggs Benedict with flow of cocktails cannot be explained. Some of the top favourites are Hot Box and Bad Egg.
• Hit the Pedals in Hyde Park: One of the favourite pass-time for tourists visiting London for the first time is to visit the Hyde Park in London, famous for its Serpentine and a fleet of boats which glide across the lake. Make sure to pay a visit and enjoy the experience of bating in the Serpentine and hit the pedals.
• Barbeque in London Fields: London Fields is probably one of the hottest picnic spots in all over London. This beautiful park in summertime just disappears under the cover of picnic baskets and barbeque joints. For the locals as well as tourists, it is recommended to enjoy a day full of barbeque and welcome the summer with open hands.
• Find Your Favourite Rooftop Bar: London is home for many rooftop bars and cafés which are located in different parts of the city. There the Franks in Peckham and also the Radio Rooftop situated in Central London. For first time visitors finding a favourite bar would be an interesting task.
• Find a Proper Party at Notting Hill Carnival: Notting Hill Carnival is certainly one of the hottest festivals in London City where everything comes to life. Finding the right party from the numerous options is a sure shot way to spend your day.
• Go Vintage Shopping in Brick Lane: New is the trend but old is gold. After Soho, one of the most suitable places for vintage shopping is the brick Lane. The weekend market in the lane is very much popular for its retro stalls and designer indie costumes. Indulge in some vintage shopping and we guarantee fun at this spot.
• Meet New People at a Pop-up Restaurant: Hungry after a day of fun? Well, worry not because London has a huge variety of pop-up restaurants that not only provide good food and hospitality but also have excellent company for the visitors. Enjoy a meal while making new friends in the restaurant.

With so many interesting and intriguing activities to do and so many attractive sites to see, London undoubtedly qualifies as one of the most amazing destination to visit in your twenties. Therefore, if you are in London and are young and single then make sure to try out all the activities mentioned above and much more in this city.

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