5 must have Apps in London

If you are travelling to London, you need to have some Apps in your pocket to understand the knotty network of transport. The Apps come very handy when you want travel to different tourist attractions hassle free. The Apps let you find the most frequented and shortest routes to your destination, the fare and the modes of transport available in the proximity of your location. Some of the Apps enable you to find out find out pubs and various events being held across the city. The Apps keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the city and gives you information according to the choices you have fed to the App. So download the Apps to enjoy an easy travel in London.

Hype has proved to be an essential tool for boosting the night time economy of UK. The night time economy contributes a figure to the tune of 66 billion Euros annually. It has taken the shape of fifth largest industry in Britain. Hype provides a platform where various venues can promote, engage and communicate with people. This app follows suit the symbiotic relationship. The app connects with the people directly via business intelligence platform and understands the kind of night out they would like. On the other end, the business of such venues is stimulated to a great extent. It helps the people find the right places and also improves the relationship with the people.

You can simply download the App and create a profile and then you will be able to find tailor-made venues on the App suitable to your preferences. The App offers some amazing deals to the members by linking travel companies, venues, hotels and other relevant brands on a single platform.

It also provides a social space to share your party experiences. It also has Tinder-like feature where you can text and date the fellow party people. If you like any of the fellows, you can click on cocktail glass symbol and if you do not like them, click on the cross to delete.  It is a multipurpose App and you can download it for free.   The Hype App has the entire city and its community under its ambit and adds new venues as and when they open.

Design my night
The App is simple to use and comes handy when you want to plan a night out. DesignMyNight.com is a website that was launched in 2011 which helps people to discover the venues for a night out according to their choices and budget. It hailed as one of the world’s best start up in 2015. The site covered 15 cities in the UK including London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Brighton, Leeds, Reading, Cardiff and Glasgow. The website launched its DesignMyNight App in 2013 that gives access to the hundreds of venues and events happening across the city. The App displays ratings and reviews and also gives you the platform to books the tickets of the events and works across both android and apple devices. The App is more of a destination App for people who for people who want to spend their night outside or want suggestions as to events being hosted across the city.

City Mapper
This App is all you need to fight your way from London’s confusing and comprehensive transport network. The App allows the users to input an address or location and the App will give you the information about updated time for hailing a taxi, cycling, walking or public transport. The App provided the information about multiple routes a destination by using the over ground rail, Tube and bus. The App also gives a “rain safe” option.  The App also gives updates about travel disruptions and other problems en route. Even if you are travelling in a bus, you can use the App to alert you on the arrival of your spot. So if the tourists are on their way to Park Grand Hotel in Lancaster Gate London from the airport can use this App to hail through the city conveniently.

It is a mobile phone application that lets passengers connect with the taxi drivers through a British technology platform. The App uses the mobile and robust GPS technology to connect the taxi drivers with the passengers based on availability and proximity.  The ride of the taxi is just two taps away from the passengers. The users need to tap on the App to request and confirm their so called e-hail.

Once the driver accepts the request, the passenger is sent a message of arrival of time. The time is the approximate time based on traffic information and route information.  The users also have option of requesting a wheelchair accessible taxi. They can also request fixed price fair to prominent places like airport terminal, wherever it is allowed.  The app alerts the drivers of locations with traffic, high street fare demand, road construction obstacles and speed traps. The App allows Hailo’s cloud wallet to pay and tip for their journeys using their card details stored in this cloud wallet. The App also has a function of Instant trip receipts whereby they send information to passengers by email regarding payment and journey. The passengers can also get their lost property in the taxi through this function.

Initially, the Inapub App was available for iPhone users but now it can easily be used on the Android devices. It enables the users to find the pubs nearby their location. The app allows the pub owners to feed in or update the details of their pubs and lets the users find them. The App is also one of the first to feature augmented reality. You phone will automatically update you with the closest club, once you hold the phone screen to horizon.  The App will give you the directions to walk to find the pub. This is a fantastic business tools for pub owners, where they can add the photos of their pubs and the beers and other drinks you serve and upload contact details.

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