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How to Have a Great Time in London All Alone

London has so much to offer that it is very difficult even to fathom out the extent of its offerings. Moreover, it is a vast metropolis which is teeming with its local residents, large number of immigrants and visitors, both tourists and businessmen. As such, there is no dearth of things to see and do [...]

Everything You Need to Know About the British Museum and its Tours

The capital city of Britain is one of the finest, most beautiful, most culturally wondrous and most widely visited cities in the world. London is well known for a variety of reasons starting from its wonderful examples of architecture, some of which are old and have a lot of unforgettable stories associated with them. There [...]

Lots of Things Meant for the Teens in London

London is the best place for the kids and the teens. There are several interesting and fun based activities meant for the age group. When your child grows up he would like to try several new things. This is when London becomes an interesting ground for self and team exploration. In fact, there are lots [...]

Engage In Some Form Of Activities In London In Your Twenties

Visiting London is in the checklist of several adventure seekers and tourists. Especially when you’re young and free, and single, then visiting London could be the best things that you could ever do in your entire life. The vibrant and thrilling atmosphere of the City is an ideal option for today’s youth. The long list [...]

A Complete Guide On How To Pack For London

Travelling to London might just be of one the best things someone can do in his entire life. This city with its unending list of attractions is responsible for it being one of the most desired locations for traveling and exploring. Set in the lap of lush green spaces and the wide river, the city [...]

Upcoming Events This Week In London

London is always abuzz with a plethora of events that makes it one of the most exciting holiday destinations to visit. Apart from its world class attractions, the city has one of the most active social and cultural scenes playing host to a variety of festivals, events and activities of all genres. If you have [...]

Be Aware of the Common Myths about London

There is a lot of aura and myth connected with London, but none as bizarre as that the streets of London are covered with gold, which was what many people in countries ruled by Great Britain in the 19th century used to believe. However, closer to our times, there are still some common misunderstandings and [...]

Spotlight on Borough Market

Borough Market lies at the gateway to south London, being spread out beneath the railway arches near the southern end of London Bridge, and sheltered by the Shard and the gothic tower of Southwark Cathedral. It is sort of a meeting point between the past and present of the city and is the best epitome [...]

How Google is helping hotel firms improve bookings through its special features

Hotel companies in this modern digital age have to use a number of technological advances to reach customers. Times have changed and companies have to make sure their websites are absolutely first-class. Major search engine Google can be helpful to accommodations as it has become very supportive in aiding businesses to become successful in the [...]

View Some of The Unusual Collections of London’s Quirkiest Art Galleries

There is no doubt about the fact that London is the hub for art and culture with so many pop-ups about art galleries and museums being created consistently without a break. These venues in London have been used for showcasing some of the gems that this city has in store. From national history to contemporary [...]