Why French People Love London

Connected by the English Channel and just a short ride from Dover to Calais by the Eurostar, France and England have had many centuries of close relationship with many French people migrating to the UK at various points of time in history. The French aristocracy arrived in England as a result of the Norman conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066 while Protestant Huguenots arrived here because of religious persecution in the 16th and 17th centuries. Migration of French people also took place due to monasticism, French revolution, expulsion of religious orders by Third Republic France and the current wave of migrants due to economic reasons and for employment. UK census in 2011 recorded 137,862 French-born people living in the UK with half of them residing in London. Moreover, many British people have French ancestry and French is the most favoured foreign language and is the second language of many people, traditionally.

South Kensington area in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is the hub of the fast growing French community in London and it is home to many French speakers and a large French community represented by the Consulate of France which is located on Cromwell Road, opposite the Natural History Museum. Plenty of French food is available in this zone such as at Petit Bateau. The presence of the Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle which is a large French secondary school opposite the Natural History Museum and the French Institute which is home to a French cinema signifies that there is a significant French presence in the area around the consulate. The area also has several French bookshops.

With more than 70,000 French people staying in London and with a plethora of French things to do such as restaurants serving French cuisines, music, festivals and other entertainment opportunities, there are enough reasons for French tourists to visit this vast metropolis. Moreover, French people who stay in London or just keep visiting it feel that they like the cultural diversity of the city. They say that they can always find what they want and it is only a matter of distance because certain things are available nearby while others are slightly further away. There is nothing that they cannot find in London, whether it is chaos for which they go to Soho or it is the countryside for which they go to Greenwich Park.

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Moreover, French people love London mainly because they feel that the locals here are open-minded people and are pretty relaxed. They are attracted by the fact that the city has a multicultural tinge and that there are events throughout the year including fashion events that are comparable to those in Paris or New York or even Milan. They also enjoy the pub attitude and like to relax in the city’s parks in summer. Some tourists have opined that they could find the French touch in various things such as food and drink as well as in the nostalgic design. French people visiting London with their kids love the city because of the availability of such a lot of green spaces right in the heart of the city, which is not the case in other big cities.

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The other attributes of London that many French visitors like include the sense of liberty and tolerance that they can feel here. Moreover, they appreciate the British fair play and the plethora of opportunities for business that are available here. They are also amazed by London’s capacity to integrate immigrants from all parts of the world.

French tourists are also attracted to London because they can identify many places in the city with their favourite places in France such as the Thames Walk between Hammersmith and Putney that is similar to the Loire area near Angers and provides them a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of central London. South Kensington has been their favourite place to stay and to hang around and with many people speaking French they could feel at home in this area. However, in the past couple of years, East London has overtaken South Kensington in this aspect, particularly the Shoreditch area where many French people have moved their residence. At some of the restaurants in this area you can find that half the customers are French. The fish and meat displayed at some Waitrose stores and the Brixton Farmers Market also remind French people of their home.

French is a very popular language in London mainly because many Londoners have learnt it in school. Although South Kensington has been the main place where you can hear a lot of French being spoken, other areas from Brixton to Dalston are also not far behind. Moreover, there are many immigrants from French speaking countries such as Senegal who prefer to speak in French. However, it is in South Kensington that you can hear more French being spoken because of the presence of the French consulate, Lycee Charles de Gaulle and Institut Francais. French tourists can be found everywhere such as in Camden Town, an enclave in the west around Ealing and at other famous tourist spots.

French tourists really feel good when they meet the French people living in London as they appear to be more relaxed than the French in France as they become more like Londoners when they stay there and as such many French people have been living in London for several years.

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