What To Look For in Your Hotel Room

When you plan a trip, one of the most important things you are likely to consider is where you will be staying.  There are many different factors to take into consideration such as the price and the hotel’s location but once you have your hotel booked you shouldn’t automatically consider that your job is done.  When you arrive at your hotel, here are some things you should immediately do and check to ensure that all is well in your hotel room.  There are some jobs which cleaners are expected to do and some which they aren’t and although the room may appear to be pretty clean at first glance, it is worth inspecting some things a little closer to make sure:-



It is, of course, standard practice for cleaners to change sheets and pillowcases in between each guest and if you watch the time-lapse video on The Montcalm at The Brewery London City Hotel YouTube channel you will see just how much effort goes into changing sheets and making up beds.  Staff aren’t necessarily required to change bed throws and blankets however so if you plan to make use of these then you might want to first inspect them for decent levels of cleanliness.



Bathrooms are tricky areas because they are easily discoloured giving them the appearance of being dirty when they might actually be fairly clean.  It should be pretty obvious whether your bathroom has been disinfected and wiped down to a good standard but don’t overlook checking whether the toilet works.  Give it a couple of flushes to check, and to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation further down the line.



You will likely have entered your room using a smart key or card, ensuring you know the locks work one way, but what about when you are in your room?  Check that the door latches and locks correctly as soon as you enter.  Not finding out the lock doesn’t work until the end of the day means there is less chance of it getting fixed, not something you want to go to sleep thinking about.


These three additional checks can be good tells about how seriously a hotel takes its cleanliness and maintenance and are worth investigating as soon as you are shown to your room.  This is mainly because it will make it easier for you to go down and report an issue, and be given a new room, right away rather than unpacking your cases only to have to move at a later point in your stay.  It also gives the hotel the chance to remedy any issues with your stay immediately, without casting a shadow on the rest of your trip.

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